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Early American Planes

A website dedicated to exploring Early American craftsmen and their wooden planes. Our goals include:

  • Present new information obtained from research 

  • Report newly discovered Early American wooden plane imprints (since GAWP5, 2018)

  • Provide pdfs of select reference books and journals; GAWP5, CAWP, SOJ, BARS

  • Provide pdfs of past articles on planes and planemakers; EAIA, BARS, Mechanics Workbench, Plane Talk

  • Act as a gathering place for questions and answers from those interested in the subject

Our Development Team

Thomas Elliott

Michael Humphrey

SK (our web expert)

Patrick Lasswell (editor)



Our development team is composed of subject experts and a computer geek. We have long been involved in researching and studying the history of wooden planes and the craftsmen behind them.  This site is designed to carry on this process concentrating on new identifications, new information (including newly reported imprints) and providing pdfs of reference books, journals and past articles. We're also here to try and answer your questions. 


Please join with us in this effort!

Note: Early American Planes is an educational project for research / information sharing and is assembled by volunteers. While striving to provide quality information we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.  We do not provide or attempt to provide any assessment of monetary value.




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