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Fisher, N

Noah, Nathan, Nathaniel candidates (Sr and Jr)

  • B imprint formed by adding Ju to the A imprint

  • Trades of the juniors are not known

N Fisher













The earlier "A" molding wedge details mirror the classic H Wetherel / In Norton wedge with the finial shape and the straight cutout under the finial.









Noah Fisher

b 11-21-1736 Norton, MA – East Hartford, CT – to Acton area, VT 1781- d ca 1820 Jamaica, VT

Deed 1763 Noah of Hartford, joyner with brother Edmond of Norton, joyner (illus)

Father Nehemiah, Norton, d 1751, carpenter as was his son Edmond b 1736 and his grandson Nehemiah. Nehemiah Sr’s son Nehemiah Jr. was a blacksmith per a 1765 deed.

RW soldier along with his oldest sons Isaac and Timothy.

Son Noah Fisher b East Hartford ca 1772 – Acton, VT - d Rockingham, VT ca 1850,  NO TRADE known, but active in Acton, VT town affairs including constable and selectman. Kept a store 2 or 3 years in the building where his uncle Isaac Fisher lived.


1763 deed Noah Fisher of Hartford, joyner


Nathan Fisher

b 1705 Norton, MA – d 1771 East Haddam, CT (died in house fire) (too early?)

Deed 1731 house carpenter in Norton (illus)

Deed 1734 housewright in Norton

Deed 1764, housewright in East Haddam, CT (illus)

Father Eleazer 1673 – 1750, Norton

F&I soldier.

Son Nathan Fisher b 1749 East Haddam, CT – d 1768 Colchester, CT. No other records found. NO TRADE known


1731 deed Nathan Fisher, Norton, housewright

1764 deed Nathan Fisher, East Haddam, housewright

Nathaniel Fisher

(   -d 1796) Patterson, Dutchess Co., NY Millwright

A link to Massachusetts has not been found, which constitutes a significant negative.

m 1770 in Pawling, RW 7th NY Regiment as drummer from Pawling, Dutchess Co., his widow Jane (Jinney) received a pension. In 1783 he signed as a witness with his trade of millwright identified.

Four children recorded with his son Nathaniel (trade not known) listed in census from 1810 to 1830 in Patterson, NY

Census 1800

MA 10, NY 3, VT 4, NH 2, RI 1, CT 1


The existence of a B mark, defined by a separate Ju stamp being added to the existing A mark, suggests a Sr. and Jr. where two generations were employed in a related woodworking trade. The Sr. and Jr. typically indicates a father and son pair, but it was also used when older and younger men of the name given name were living concurrently within the same town or township. This constraint greatly helps in narrowing down candidates especially when the name and initials are commonplace. However, here in the cases with Noah, Nathan and Nathaniel, the trades of the sons are not known. This presents a serious question which is not yet resolved. At present, without the trades of the sons known, all three father / son pairs are considered candidates. The candidates are presented in best fit to worst fit order. Noah is currently considered as the best candidate based on his starting date and the Norton connection. Nathan is “ranked lower” than Noah due to his early starting date which is considered too early for the plane styles / details. Nathaniel better fits with the date of the planes, but his apparent lack of a connection to the SE Massachusetts region is a significant issue.


The connection to SE Massachusetts is strongly indicated by the type A wedges and the A mark open totes of N Fisher. The shape of the A mark open tote is very reminiscent of early F Nicholson and Ce Chelor totes out of Wrentham. The earlier N Fisher type A wedge finial and straight cut-out under the finial, strongly follow those of Henry Wetherel of Norton.

The Planes



A imprint molders have wedges which follow the design of early H Wetherel / In Norton wedge in their finial shape and the straight cutout under the finial. In the molder shown above, this wedge style has already begun to change where the cut out is slightly curved. The B imprint molders have finials which are round and the cutouts curved. The B molder wedges are not unlike the C and L Fisher wedges except the transition below the cutout is not rounded.

The reverse chamfer stops on the heel and toe ends are formed with a tipped step followed by a simple cutout, similar to late style Ce Chelor molders.

Toted molders

A imprint and B imprint toted molders have similar details; offset shapely totes, flat chamfers on the mortise cheeks, round top wedges. The A imprint totes have a broader outline at the heel similar to early Ce Chelor and F Nicholson toted molders.

N Fisher

 A mark

 N Fisher

  B mark

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