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Ross, I

Isaac Ross, Jr. (1764-1849)

  • Glocester / Burrillville RI, housewright

  • Brother-in-law to Duty Salsbery, housewright, also of Glocester, RI

Ross, I

Isaac Ross Jr. lived in Glocester/Burrillville, RI, was b in 1764 and was a housewright as

identified in deeds dated 1791, 1798, 1800, 1801, continuing to at least 1815. In 1800, aside

from this family, there was only one other I Ross within a 30 mile radius of Smithfield, a

Jeremiah Ross of Providence (no tools in an 1806 probate inventory), and one had to go to

Boston or Westminster MA until another housewright / carpenter was found. Isaac (Sr.) was

consistently identified as ayeoman in Glocester in deeds from the 1750s through the RW.

Isaac Ross Jr. b 12-4-1764 in Glocester, RI, parents Isaac Sr. and Rachel Harnden. Isaac Sr.

may have died in 1849. Isaac Jr. m Sarah Salisbury of Glocester, RI in 1785. Children born in Burrillville,

RI between 1785 and 1808; Theodore, Abigail, Reuben, Isaac, Elizabeth, Edward and Lauraan. (Burrillville was created by a partition of the northern part of Glocester in 1806.) Isaac’s last census record (Burrillville) was in 1840 where his age was listed as 70/79. (The 1830 census age is too young by 10 years, whereas the 1800, 1810, 1820 census ages fit with the 1840 census record.)

Based on a plane set found in a North Smithfield basement with the owner stamp OW Bly (named planes include Fuller, Ross, Salsbery and Taft), the candidate Isaac Ross Jr. seems reasonable. OW Bly was a carpenter b in Smithville in 1803 or 1804. The Taft-like I x Ross B wedge also supports this geographic area. These craftsmen were based in Mendon (Taft and Partridge), Wrentham (Dupee, late Chelor and Hawes) and Medway/Franklin (Metcalf).


There’s an unrecorded I . Ross imprint on a molder which is completely different in style with a wedge like I Walton, so the investigation of I Ross craftsmen is more complicated than just identifying the I x Ross planes.  (We may be able to piece together the identification of I x Ross because of the Bly connections, but other I Ross marks will likely remain unresolved as the name is too common and there are too many candidates.)

An additional piece of evidence supporting Isaac Ross Jr. is that he was married to Duty Salsbery’s sister and both craftsmen were in the same town in RI.

The I x Ross A wedge is nearly identical to an early I Lindenberger wedge (Providence, RI) which further reinforces this geographical area.

Isaac Ross Jr., Glocester, housewright, 1791 deed

Isaac Ross Jr. Gloucester, house carpenter, 1798 deed

Isaac Ross Jr., Burrillville, housewright alias yeoman, 1815 deed

GAWP5 presents Jonathan Ross, a cabinetmaker from Salem, MA as the craftsman behind the I x Ross planes. Cited is “a ledger entry of 1770-1782”.

I x Ross molder with an A wedge (a near duplicate of John Lindenberger’s earlier wedge style)



















I x Ross type B wedge (Taft-like finial)

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