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I Hayden

Isaac Hayden (1789-1879)

b. Quincy, MA d. Marlborough, MA

housewright / carpenter (1860 census and 1817 deed)



Corrected imprint (T Hayden in GAWP5)


I Hayden


Col. Isaac Hayden

Birth      Sep 30 1789 Quincy, MA         Death    Jun 25 1879 Marlborough, MA

Father Nathaniel, mother Martha Cunningham

1817 deed Isaac Hayden, housewright









1855 State Census Marlborough, MA. ISAAC HAYDEN age 66, occupation "Housewright." Wife MARTHA HAYDEN age 60. Daughters: HARRIET A. HAYDEN 34; ELLEN E. HAYDEN 23; & EMILY F. HAYDEN 17. Also a William Arnold age 20, shoemaker. All born in Massachusetts.

1860 U.S. Census Marlborough, MA. ISAAC HAYDEN age 71, carpenter, estate value $3,300. Wife MARTHA HAYDEN age 66. Daughters: HARRIET HAYDEN age 38; ELLEN HAYDEN age 28.

1870 U.S. Census Marlborough, MA. ISAAC HAYDEN age 81, carpenter, estate valued $4,500. Wife MARTHA HAYDEN age 75. Daughters: HARRIET A. HAYDEN age 49; ELLEN E. HAYDEN age 37. Also there were 4 young women boarders who worked in a shoe shop.



Historical Reminiscences of the Early Marlborough, MA, pg 171, 172

"Deacon Hayden who died in Marlborough aged 90 years lived in the above house. He was a descendant of John Alden, the Mayflower Pilgrim, and was born in Quincy. He moved in 1810 to Boston and while there married Martha Cunningham of Marlborough and in 1813 removed here where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a carpenter by trade and many are the houses built under his supervision. His first carpentering in Marlborough was for "Squire Pope at the Mills." He was a member of the Legislature 3 years, selectman for 22 - liberal in his views and a member and deacon of the Universalist church where for many years he was an enthusiastic singer. He had a sunny, even temper which endeared him to all with whom he came in contact. He sang all his days and ceased only when he began to die. For sixty-six years he lived among us a model man. Of the eight children of Martha (Cunningham) and Dea. Isaac Hayden two only are living."


Toted halving / rabbet plane, beech, decorative chamfer elements at the top of the body / tote juncture












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