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Scale: toe height of 2 1/8".

G Zacharias

Probably George Zacharias (1771-1845)

b. Reading, PA and grew up in Alsace, PA.

Worked in Alsace at least 1791-1801 per family records

1801 deed house carpenter, Alsace.


This is the smoothing plane reported in GAWP5.

G Zacharias


Probably George Zacharias, house carpenter, of Alsace, Berks Co., PA (working ca1791- ca1801) and then in Clear Springs, MD. It is likely that he did not carry on his trade in MD. (b 1771- d 1845)

There were three other G Zacharias, from ca 1800 PA as well, but age or trades seem to rule them out. One lived 1716-1806 in York and is thus too old as the plane is ca 1780-1790, another was a Berks Co. forge owner and the last a farmer who moved to Niagara, NY. Several next generation George's were not considered as they would have been adults well after 1800.

George's parents were Daniel and Anna Elizabeth Zacharias of Alsace, Berks Co., PA. Daniel immigrated from Germany in about 1753. George married Catherine Kershner and had Catherine in 1799 (PA), Peter in 1800 (PA) and Daniel in 1805 (MD). (Care often needs to be taken with the given names of PA German's as middle names were commonly used instead of their "first" names. This was the case with Daniel the father as well as with George the son.)

Edith Zana Zacharias (niece of George and granddaughter of Daniel) and Peter Zacharias (son of George) both recorded family histories which provide significant detail which is quite rare.  (Genealogy material posted by the extended family on

Family history material for George Zacharias

Family history material for Daniel Zacharias.

This material is mostly of background interest, but it does mention that Daniel also trained as a house joiner as did his son.

1801 deed between Daniel and wife Elizabeth Zacharias and George Zacharias, house carpenter.

The smoothing plane.

The family history records that George bought a chest of tools in Philadelphia ca 1791. It is the author's assessment that the plane does not appear to have been professionally made either in Philadelphia or imported from England (a cheaper and often superior alternative.)

1. The maple wedge on the smoothing plane, deemed original based on fit, patina and wear patterns, is round topped and seems domestic in form. Beech body.

2. Body chamfer stops and body chamfers seem domestic as well.

3. Length: 7 1/2", height at toe: 2 1/8", maximum width: 2 1/2".

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