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Washburn, E

Multiple Candidates

  • Eleazer Washburn, Bridgewater, housewright

  • Capt. Ebenezer Washburn, Kingston, housewright

  • Ebenezer Washburn, Chatham, CT, limited inventory

  • Eleazer Washburn, Bridgewater, housewright

Washburn, E

Eleazer Washburn

Bridgewater, housewright, (1746-1828)

m Hulda Woods 1769, m Sarah Southworth 1771, most of the children born in East Bridgewater


An East Bridgewater town listing has Eleazer included as a RW soldier along brothers Isaac, Levi, Alden as well as with Solomon. (It should be noted that Bridgewater birth records do not include any additional Eleazer’s for the period.) (A 1775 Capt Robert Orr mm record (E. Washburn, drummer (?)) and a 1777 Capt Noah Allen record are probably not relevant.)


1769 deed, shop joiner, Bridgewater

1786 deed, HW, wife Sarah, Bridgewater


Captain Ebenezer Washburn

(1735-1810) was born and died in Kingston. He was married to Sarah Waterman in Halifax in 1757. Captain Washburn was active in the Revolution before independence in various commands in Cambridge and Rhode Island until at least 1778. He was a house wright and farmer. Washburn served Kingston as selectman and was a deacon at First Parish Church.

1773 3 deeds, Kingston, HW, one with wife Sarah

Ebenezer Washburn

d 1799, Chatham, CT  m wife Hannah 1793 (probably too late)

Inv 1 handsaw, 5 gimblets, 4 chizzels, 1 drawing knife, 1 jointer, 1 smoothing plane, 1 hammer, many clothes

Eleazer Washburn

Bridgewater – d 1762 (probably too early)

On 14 Apr. 1736 Eleazer Washburn of Bridgewater, housewright, sold to Cornelius Washburn, of Bridgewater, yeoman, one half of the two tracts of land in the southerly part of Bridgewater given to Eleazer and his brother Noah Washburn by their grandfather, Samuel Washburn, for £210

On 16 June 1744 Eleazer Washburn, of Bridgewater, House Carpenter, purchased 42 acres in the easterly part of Bridgewater from Ebenezer Byram, of Bridgewater, for £70

On 7 Aug. 1746 Eleazer Washburn, of Bridgewater, Housewright, purchased 20 acres of land on the Satucket River in the East Precinct of Bridgewater from John and Mehetabel Randall, of Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island, Sadler, for £240

Eleazer Washburn died intestate on 24 Feb. 1762 in East Bridgewater, aged 49 years.[80] Administration of his estate was granted to his father‑in‑law, Ebenezer Alden, on 5 Apr. 1762, with Josiah Edson and Ebenezer Keith, both of Bridgewater, as sureties. His inventory, dated 8 Apr. 1762, was appraised by Thomas Whitman, John Orcutt, and Nathan Allen, and his estate was divided on 10 Nov. 1764 by Capt. Edward Mitchell, Ephraim Cary, and John Orcutt, to his heirs, namely his widow Anna Washburn, Eleazer Washburn, Susanna Byram, Asa Washburn, Anna Washburn, Levi Washburn, Oliver Washburn, Alden Washburn, and Isaac Washburn.[81] Some of the probate records for Eleazer Washburn call him “Ebenezer” Washburn. In April 1763 Ebenezer Alden of Bridgwater, Gentleman, administrator of the estate of Ebenezer Washburn, late of Bridgwater, housewright, sued Isaac Peterson of Pembrooke, housewright, for an unpaid note of £5.10s dated 18 June 1762.[82]

13.75” birch (the one known example)












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