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Hardie, I

1st Tier

John Hardie, Cabinetmaker, NY

2nd Tier

Joshua Hardy, Chairmaker, Boston

Hardie, I

Best candidate

John Hardie

1791 two cabinet maker ads, also as a subscriber to the Young Gentleman’s and Lady’s Assistant, NY, 1791 with his cabinet maker trade noted.

1807 ads for Hardie and Cook cabinet maker partnership dissolution, both continuing as cabinet makers

The 1810 census has a John Hardy in NY, NY, Ward 2, aged 45+. This may be the same John Hardie, age 88, living with Abram Hardie in Hudson, NY, in 1840. In the 1870 census, this Abram was listed as a house carpenter. These are the only two out of a total of six census listings which have John being born before1776. John, George and Daniel Hardie were also found in the 1840 census records for Hudson, NY. Daniel (70/79) is from an earlier generation than George, Abram and the younger John.


(Note: The early planes of J Stiles are similar to the I + Hardie molder shown below.)



2nd Tier

Joshua Hardy, chairmaker in Boston from 1796 to 1800.


13 individuals (Hardy, Hardey, Hardie) were part of the 1790 census records from MA, PA, NY, ME, VT and NH with only one, James, having his last name spelled Hardie. 1800 census records were also assessed. Probates records for these states were checked noting that one dated 1834, for Isaac Hardy of Stoddard, NH, had common hand tools including 3 plains, 1 rabbet plain, 1 jointer and 1 plain iron.

I+Hardie, 9 1/8” original length, beech, original hickory/ash wedge












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