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Holmes, E

1st Tier

Ebenezer Holmes Jr., Plymouth MA

1776-1811, housewright

Edward Holmes, Lancaster

1803 deed, chairmaker

Holmes, E


1st Tier

Ebenezer Holmes Jr.

Plymouth, MA, 1776-1811, housewright. m Polley (Mary) Bradford March 1800 and had 4 children Ephraim (died 1803), Joan, Ephraim, Mary Ann. Son of Ebenezer and Lucy. Polley’s brothers, Thomas and Lemuel Bradford were housewrights.

Deeds 1800, two deeds, wife Polley

Deed 1809, mariner. Land matched that of land associated with Ebenezer, housewright in 1800 (house and lot, south of Thatcher Street, bought of William Bradford).

He died at sea as a Captain, outside of Havanna in 1811. His probate/inventory did not include tools.

Edward Holmes

1803 deeds (2), Lancaster, chairmaker

2nd Tier

Ebenezer Holmes, 1722-ca 1750, Plymouth, MA, housewright (too early)

Eph. Holmes, 1755 deed, housewright in Plymouth, sells ½ lot, wife Sarah (too early)

Elisha Holmes, 1761, housewright in Cambridge deed (too early)

Ephraim, Tilden and Nathaniel Homes, Kingston, were listed as housewrights in a court document where they illegally cut a neighbor’s trees. Only Tilden (b 1766) was found to be a housewright in other records, corporately dated between 1768 and 1792.

Five E Holmes were listed as “E. Holme” in the 1810 NY census, but no details are known.



10 1/8” beech with original birch wedge, small round chamfers, flat on ends. Imprint triple stamped, but clear once image re-constructed. Eli Boys owners stamp.














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