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J Walcot

Two top tier candidates:


Jonathan Walcot

(1767-1826) Stow and Waltham, MA, housewright


John Wolcott

working 1796/8 Livonia, NY - d 1815, carpenter

J Walcot


Jonathan Walcot

1767-1826 Stow and Waltham, MA

m Hannah Sargent in 1790, parents William and Elizabeth

Deeds, Housewright 1792, 1797, 1799

Stow 1793 work at the Great bridge

Stow 1796 building the steaple and building 2 Dors in Porches and putin in the stars

Inventory, Housewright, “lot of tools”

John Wolcott

Settled in Livonia, NY in 1796 or 1798. 1810 census Livonia, NY, d 1815.

Winter of 1798/9 build the log school with Col. George Smith. Also in the early 1800s (post 1798 and pre 1813) he worked with John Wolcott at the carpenter’s trade. (History of Livingston Co., NY and Leading Citizens of Livingston and Wyoming Counties, NY)



AH Gage was a builder and architect in Bloomington, IL where he built the Baptist Church in 1857. 1806-1884

17 ¾” birch, ¼ flat chamfers which turn out on ends (at heel), diamond strike, centered tote, layout scribe lines.




























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