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May, M


Moses May

  • 2-15-1730 Roxbury   7-8-1798 Boston, housewright

  • 1798 Inventory with carpenter tools

  • Five M Mays in the New England area with trades not known

  May, M























Moses May    


2-15-1730 Roxbury   7-8-1798 Boston, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Roxbury


m Mary Perrin, 3-13-1760, Roxbury                                                                         

Mary           1761                                      

Perrin          1767  merchant, Boston           


1730       b in Roxbury                            

1756       deed Roxbury, housewright     

1757       deed Boston, housewright                

1758       deed Boston, housewright         

1760       m Mary Perrin 

1784       deed Boston, Gent 

1789       Boston Directory, Shop Keeper

1790       Census, Boston, 16+

1792       deed Boston, no trade

1798       d in Boston, carpenter tools inv.

1804       son Perrin, merchant, sold late father’s Boston land, Mary May released dowry      

Samuel May, brother of Moses and son of Ebenezer

1723       b in Roxbury                         1771       Boston, no trade                      1790       Boston, merchant

1747       Roxbury, housewright           1779       Boston, no trade                      1794       d in Boston

1761       Boston, housewright             1779       Boston, merchant

1765       Boston, housewright             1789       Boston Direct., Hdw and Merchant


John May, brother of Moses and son of Ebenezer           

1725       b in Roxbury                          1754       Boston, housewright               1770       d in Boston

1753       Boston, housewright              1763       Boston, housewright

While the strongest candidate is Moses above, there were a number of other period M Mays in New England and Pennsylvania. The search results for the other M May's are recorded below. Note that the M Mays without known trades (five) are denoted ( . )

Census 1790    

Moses May, Boston     

Matthew May, Shawangunk, NY 

Michael May, Bedford, PA   


Census 1800

Michael May, So. Beaver, PA, 26/44

Moses May, Leominster, MA, 26/44

Michael May, Prov. and Colerain, PA, 26/44

Census 1810 

Michael May, So. Beaver, PA, 45+   

Moses May, Leominster, MA, 26/44

Michael May, Turkeyfoot, PA, 45+

Moses May, Cornwall, CT, 45+


Census 1830

Moses May, Leominster, MA, 60/69

Probate Records

ME, VT, NH none

NY, none early


Various M May

Moses (I)             1708       Plympton            1759       Ipswich        deeds 1747-9, blacksmith, probate few old hand tools, widow Elizabeth


  • Moses (II)     1739       Ipswich                 1789       Manchester        no deeds,     wife Abigail Tuck, children b 1762-1770 in Manchester


Moses (III)           1768       Manchester       1839       Leominster        deeds 1797, 1805, yeo, 1838 yeo wife Polly, m Sarah Pierce 1789, children b 1789-1791 in  anchester, m Mrs. Keziah Putman Jan 1816, m  Mrs. Polly Brown Feb 1818 (Moses from Leominster and the last two wives from Fitchburg), prob. and inv, cooper tools, misc. handtools, farm goods, Polly May widow, John eldest son, exec.


Moses (IV)           1789       Manchester       1868       Manchester       census 1820, 26-44, Mariner, father Moses, mother

Sarah, sibs Isaac and Samuel


Moses (sr)         1766-70    Leominster                                                 deeds 1797 wife Hannah, yeo in Leominster, 1808, 

11, 32, yeoman, m Hannah Smith 1791, children b in Leominster 1792 to 1808, Hannah d 1816, father James, Leominster, yeoman / mother Sarah


Moses (jr)           1808       Leominster         1843       Sterling               deeds 1833, 1834 id’d as Jr., chairmaker, 1837

chairmaker and wife Mary, 1843 prob, common tools; saw / frame, whetstone, gimlets, paint pots and paint mill, mother Hannah, widow Mary E. May           

Moses                 1767                                 1794       Manchester       son of Moses, 27 yr old


  • Moses          <1765     Cornwall, CT                                               census  1810, 45+             no probate


  • Matthew       <1774     Shawangunk, NY                                        census  1790, 16+             no probate


  • Matthew        1732      Boston                                                         father James, mother Margaret, no deeds for either father or son, no probate

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Michael                             Norton                                                          m 1721, no deeds before 1795, no probate info,

probably too early


Michael                             Bridgewater, MA                                          deeds 1735, 1739, husbandman, wife Elizabeth


  • Michael        1746       Weymouth, MA                                            no deeds < 1799, no probate info, trade not known



  • No trade known



American Ancestry best on Worcester and Suffolk, MA probates

A Genealogy of the Descendants of John May (Roxbury 1640), 1878

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