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S Plummer

Samuel Plummer, Jr., best candidate

  • b 1769 Rowley, MA - to Waterford, ME ca 1790, d there in 1833

  • Farmer and house carpenter

  • His father, Samuel Sr. was a joiner in Newbury and Rowley, MA, but was probably too early.

Plummer, S


Samuel Plumer (Jr.)

b 1769 Rowley, MA – d 1833 Waterford, ME farmer and house carpenter


son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Backstreet)


Moved to Waterford with his brother Jonathan about 1790.

m Elizabeth Jewett 1797. Children b in Waterford between 1799 and 1816.


Samuel Plumer (Sr.) (Outlined in GAWP v5…probably too early)

b 1737 Newbury, MA – d 1817 Rowley, MA joyner


son of Jonathan Plumer and Mary (Johnson)


Deeds 1770, 1772, 1783 in Rowley, joyner


RW Ensign in Capt. Edward Payson’s Co. of militia. April 19th alarm.


m Elizabeth Backstreet 1764. ch b 1764 – 1774. Samuel Jr. b 1769.

m Hannah Jewett 1776. ch b 1778 to 1787


Samuel Sr. deed 1770



2nd tier and others


(Samuel Plumer, 1684-1757, Newbury, MA was a housewright … too early)


Samuel Plummer Jr. b 1762 Scarborough, ME in 1795 ad, he’s listed as a deserter, his trade a carpenter (Without additional information, this individual remains an unknown. However, Scarborough, ME, his birth place, is significantly removed from the Newburyport, MA area. This is important, as the molding plane mentioned in GAWP5 has a Sleeper-style wedge.)




14 S Plumer’s in 1800 census: 9 Samuel in MA and NH, 2 Seth in MA, 1 Simeon in MA, 1 Silas in MA, 1 Stephen in NH  (a few additional S Plumers were found in MA outside Newbury, Essex Co, but were not included in the investigation)


Essex Co, MA and Rockingham Co, NH deeds were searched as well as probates for ME, VT, NH and MA.


The Plumer Genealogy; Francis Plumer of Newbury

History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America


13- 7/16 “ long, toted tongue plane with 7/16” flat chamfers. Undercut tote heel, beech.


GAWP5 molder is 9 11/16” long and has a Sleeper style wedge.




















































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