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H Wetherel (Sr.) Planes

Henry Wetherel Sr. (1729-1797)

Norton, MA and Chatham, CT

shop joiner and blacksmith

(Connections probable with Elisha Clark (strong parallels in the plane design details (especially the jointer totes)) and with Jacob Austin (use of the same "In Norton" name stamp).

H * Wetherel / In * Norton; C imprint (first imprint - separate from the more common A imprint). Finial is relieved but more rounded than the more common wedge finial on imprint A planes.

Courtesy of Dick Rosenblatt.

H Wetherel / In Norton; A imprint (pre 1779)

Early chamfer stops have a tipped starting edge with a curved return followed by a continuous long flute. The typical molder wedge finial has less height than the later wedges and thus appears less rounded. Molders typically made of birch and are 9 3/4" long.

H Wetherel / Chatham; B imprint (post 1779)

Later chamfer stops end with a simple turn out. The molder wedge finials have more height and appear more rounded. Cartouche elements present as with H Wetherell Jr.

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