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A Smith Planes

Aaron Smith (1769-1822)

Rehoboth, MA

1791 housewright, 1803 shop joiner, 1806 toolmaker per GAWP 5.

Probable link to Jo Fuller.

A imprint. 1st mark, large, straight upper and lower borders.

10" length, birch.

A1 imprint. 2nd mark, large, small notches filed into the upper and lower straight borders.

10" length, birch.

10" length, birch. Molded shoulder.

10" length, birch, flat chamfers, flutes.

9.5" length, birch, narrow flat chamfers, no flutes.

Jointer, birch, flat chamfers. Top of wedge modified.

B imprint. Small letters, zz border.

B molder and B image, courtesy RI Toolmakers.

Molder 9 1/2" length, flat chamfers, no flutes.

Smoother, heavy round chamfers on of body, flat chamfers on ends.

Crown molder, 14.375"

A1 (flat chamfers) then A1 and B marks (chamfers round on top / flat on ends). Chamfers on wedge abutment cheeks increase in maximum height from A1 to B ... become more teardrop in shape. (L to R and top to bottom (below)).

A1 in rear (flat chamfers), B in foreground (heavy round chamfers top of body and flat chamfers on ends). As with the smoothers, the chamfers on wedge abutment cheeks increase in maximum height from A1 to B....such that the B example is more teardrop in shape.)(The crown molder above continues that trend.)  Totes offset and have an undercut heel.

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