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I Gould Planes

Joseph Gould (1730-1810)

Reading, MA

Apprenticeship to John Walton Jr. of Reading, MA was completed 12-30-1751.

Small wedge finial just like the John Walton Jr. wedges.

The reverse chamfer stops all seem to have the basic elements of a slanted step followed by a recurve and long flute ... continuous elements. (The preceding is the editor's attempt to describe this style of chamfer stop, commonly labeled the "lamb's tongue" detail (GAWP5) . (These chamfer stop elements are present with the "classic" Francis Nicholson chamfer stop ... albeit the Gould examples are a bit cruder and less refined, following the 'typical' John Walton Jr.'s examples. Also see the Elements of Style article, issue 8, CAWP, Sept. 1993.

A2 the earliest mark (IG) 

A1 the second mark (IG and I Gould) 

A the latest mark (I Gould) 

Reverse sides of a molder and rabbet with the A mark (I Gould). Both 10 1/4" long, birch.

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