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Charles Dupee Planes

Charles Dupee (Sr.)  (1734-1802)

Walpole and Wrentham, MA. In deeds from 1757 through 1794, Charles Sr. is listed as a housewright.

Charles Dupee (Jr.) (1759-1803) yeoman in a 1792 deed otherwise no trade known, no tools in probate inventory

(see the New Information Charles Dupee entry, SOJ 2-2 and The Chronicle 67-1 March 2014

10" rabbet, smaller (earlier) A mark

10" molder, smaller A mark

Jointer, smaller A mark

Larger (later) B mark molder, 10.5", beech.

7 3/8" smoother, larger (later) B mark

1787 Dated long plane, 36", larger (later) B mark

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