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Dagget, S

Simeon Daggett (1768-1850)

  • best candidate due to fit with estimated plane dates

  • Rehoboth, MA, Smithfield, RI, and Seaconk, MA, deeds 1808 through 1831, housewright and house carpenter

  • Four other candidates, either too late (1) or too early (3) for the planes

S Daggett





Smoothing plane also stamped GH Payne on the toe and US census records were searched: Geo. H in N Providence, b in 1846,Geo. H in Southampton, NY, b in 1838


Best Candidate to date (due to estimated working dates)

Simeon Daggett 9-13-1768 to 12-13-1850, Millwright

m Barbara Brown 1801

m Betsey Carpenter 1826


parents and siblings

William 1729 Rehoboth – 1819 Rehoboth, m Hannah

William d 1838   Simeon 1768-1850

John                   Israel

Abel d 1843        Lemuel 1775-1850

Jesse                  Amy d 1855 Seekonk


                1808 Rehoboth, HW land on the Pawtucket River

                1814 Seekonk, HW, wife Barbara, sells land from 1808, linking to Rehoboth

1814 2 ea. Seekonk, HW, wife Barbara

                1816 2 ea. Smithfield, RI, Carpenter, Old Boston Road, land in Seekonk

                1818 Smithfield, RI, HW, sells land in Seekonk

                1819 Seekonk, HW

                1819 Seekonk, House Carpenter

                1820 Seekonk, yeoman, wife Barbara

                1820 Seekonk, House Carpenter

                1821 Seekonk, yeoman

                1824 Seekonk, yeoman

                1830 Seekonk, husbandman, wife Betsy

                1831 Seekonk, HW, wife Betsey, to Samuel Daggett, Pawtucket, HW


Other Candidates

Samuel Daggett 1723-1798, Coventry, CT Housewright (probably too early for the date of the planes)

                M Anna Bushnell


Built ca. 1750 house

Written up in the CT Historical Society

Account Book: timber for a house, built and sold coffins, work about a meeting house, hewing and framing


Seth Daggett 1713-1779, Tisbury, MA, house carpenter (probably too early for the date of the planes)

m Elizabeth West 1734, daughter married 1779, son Samuel b 1745. Listed as a yeoman in his will.



1736 Tisbury, Homes Hole area, house carpenter

1738 Tisbury, HW, wife Elizabeth

1755 Tisbury, House carpenter in Holmes Hole area

1759 Tisbury HW

1765 Tisbury, housright

1770 2 ea. Tisbury, HW

1780 Tisbury, housright


Seth Daggett deed 1737, Edgartown, carpenter. Probably the same individual who was living in Tisbury. (probably too early for the date of the planes)


Shepard Daggett deeds 1821, 1822, 1824, 1825, 1826 in New Bedford, HW, wife Mary. b 1796 Middleboro, MA, and in New Bedford on Mill St. 1836 and 1839. In Charleston, SC by 1850 per US census. This 1850 census gives his age as 54, his occupation as a carpenter and his birthplace as MA. (too late for the planes)


Samuel Daggett, Hartford, CT, probate / inventory in 1832; unfinished rakes, unfinished cradles, crosscut saw, 2 axes, 4 files, 4 gimblets, 3 drawshaves, 1 taper bit, 1 iron square, 2 chisels, 2 augers, 3 twisted bits, 1 rake frame, 1 compass, 1 handsaw


Other S Daggetts


Wills and probate

Samuel Daggett, Lincoln, ME 1846, wife Sally, brief probate papers

Samuel Daggett, Franklin, ME, 1832, nothing pertinent in probate

S Daggett, Cheshire, NH 1846, no information in probate

Seth Daggett, b 1790 West Moreland, NH, d Tioga Co., PA 1874. Lumbering. Moved to PA shortly after 1810.


Simeon Daggett, b 1757 Sutton, MA, to West Moreland NH, in RW, died soon after or during war, N/T

Simon Daggett, b 1758 Attleboro, died possibly n Cattaragus Co., NY. No details. Son Reuben.

Simeon Daggett, b 1723 Attleboro, d before 1758 and after 1746.


Samuel Daggett, Tollard, CT, 1798, wife Anne, cider mill, shop, lumber, no inventory aside from will

Samuel Daggett, Hebron, Tolland Co., CT, 1818, wife Sally



Stephen Daggett, b Sutton 1776, d Montpellier VT, m Mary Doty, no trade

Capt. Silas Daggett, Industry ME in 1806, b Tisbury 1757, d Farmington ME 1847, sailor and captain

Samuel Daggett, b Pultney VT 1783, wife Lydia. No trade


Sylvanus Daggett, Newport and Providence, mariner, m Alice S. in 1756

Simeon Daggett deed 1758, Providence, mariner


Simeon Daggett deeds 1797, 1797, 1801, 1804, 1805, Taunton, Gent.

Simeon Daggett deed 1807,Taunton, clerk, wife Nancy

Simeon Daggett deed 1832, Raynham, clerk, wife Nancy

Simeon Daggett deeds 1759, Rehoboth, mariner

Samuel Daggett deed 1767, Needham, Gent.

Samuel Daggett deed 1773, Needham, blacksmith

Samuel Daggett deed 1787, 1788, 1789, Needham, yeoman

Samuel Daggett, Seekonk, dec’d 1848, Martha widow, inv. has 1 handsaw. No trade

Samuel Daggett, Sutton, dec’d 1756, yeoman, wife Martha

Samuel Daggett, b Attleboro 1731, d Schuylerville, NY 1806, gent. and yeoman, wife Abias

Samuel Daggett, b 1754, m Needham, d 1826 Newark, wife Hannah, sawed boards for glass boxes

Stephen Daggett, Nantucket 1721, d before 2-1761. Father was Jacob. No trade, but too early


Silas Daggett, Edgartown, Dukes, 1790 deed mariner, 1799 deed no trade

Samuel Daggett, Edgartown 1799, no trade

Silas Daggett b 1749 Vineyard Haven, MA to ME, back to Tisbury, farmer and mariner

Silas Daggett, Tisbury, 1790 and 1798 deed, mariner

Capt. Samuel Daggett, b Tisbury 1764, died there in 1860.Pilot.

Samuel Daggett, Tisbury 1735, cordwainer

Samuel Daggett Tisbury 1789, cordwainer, buys land in Union ME

Samuel Daggett Tisbury, 1774 deed, 1793 deed, mariner

Solomon Daggett, Chillmark, 1749, 1753, 1754 deeds, laborer

Samuel Daggett, Rochester, MA, 1778 deed, yeoman

Samuel Daggett, b Rehoboth 1769, m 1805, no trade

Solomon Daggett, Edgartown, laborer 1737 through 1763


US Census

Shan Daggett, Vergennes VT, 1800 census

Simon Daggett, Westmoreland, NH, 1790, 1800 census

Samuel Daggett, Union, ME, 1790, 1800 census

Samuel Daggett Jr., Union, ME, 1800 census

Samuel Daggett, New Vineyard, Kennebec ME, 1800 census


Solo Daggett, Chilmark, MA, 1790 census

Seth Daggett, Middleborough, Plymouth, MA, 1800 census


Samuel Daggett, Hebron, CT 1800 census

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