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G Hawes / Wrentham

George Hawes b 1-31-1762 d 5-9-1847 in Wrentham

  • Aprentices Samuel and Oliver Allen

  • Housewright in probate documents

  • RW service

George Hawes

George Hawes b 1-31-1762 d 5-9-1847 in Wrentham


gparents Benjamin (HW) d 1756

parents Benjamin b 1731 (HW) and Olive b 1739

m Nancy Everett 10-27-1796, children Elias b 1797, Maria b 1799, referred to as Capt.

m Nancy Ware 12-17-1807, children George E. b 1810, Nancy b 1814, Benjamin b 1816, referred to as Col.


RW service from Wrentham, documented in his 1833 pension application:

7-1778 to 1-1779, pvt. MA Milita, Capt Jacob Haskins

7-1780 3 mo. service, pvt. MA Militia, Capt John Bacon

3-1781 15 days service, pvt. MA Militia, Capt Samuel Fisher

Note: There was a second Geo. R T Hawes who served in the RW from Wrentham. The above 1833 record is verified as being our craftsman per the personal information found within his file.  Geo. RT Hawes moved to Otsego, NY after the 1810 census.


Census records

Wrentham in 1790, 1800, 1810, 1830 and 1840.



George as a Gent. in Wrentham from 1794 to 1800 and as Esq. in Wrentham from 1801 to 1809. The 1801 deed records a sale between George and John Nicholson, Gent. and wife Sarah.



Samuel Allen

Wrentham town record dated 8-1796, Samuel Allen, son of Abijah Allen, age 18 y from Franklin taken into George Hawes home. This was a 3 year apprenticeship. In 1802 to 1812 deeds, Samuel was listed as a carpenter in Franklin.

Oliver Allen

Wrentham town record dated 4-1799, Oliver Allen from Mansfield, 18th year, taken into George Hawes family. This was a 3 year apprenticeship. 1811 deed, Oliver was listed as a housewright in Mansfield. In the same deed, Otis Allen was also was listed as a housewright in Mansfield.


Public Service

George was elected to the MA House of Representatives for the 1828 – 1829 term

George was elected to the MA Senate on the anti-Masonic ticket, as recorded in a 12-1833 ad


1847 Will

Provides record of mostly land distribution to his four living children with provisions made to his wife Nancy.



In Wrentham deeds from 1794 to 1809, George is listed as a Gent. and as Esq. The only place where his occupation is given (house carpenter) is in his Wrentham death record from 1847. In that same record, George’s parents are identified. George’s father Benjamin is listed as a husbandman and a Gent. in Wrentham deeds.


RW Service summary from 1833.







1847 Will, page 3 of 3.




















Hawes in Wrentham “Pond Home” .... resident spotlight. (Excerpts and photo courtesy the Pond Home.)


"This month’s highlighted ‘resident’ is the residence you all live in and call home! At my request Greg Stahl of the Wrentham Historical Commission researched this structure and the land it sits on. "

"3/10/1813 Col, Benjamin Hawes dies at age 81 from an “accident”. His home farm was then passed on to his sons Benjamin and George. On an 1814 assessors list the home farm is listed as being 98 acres with a home whose measurements are the same as the main frame of the current Pond Home. George Hawes was a Colonel in the U.S. Army, probably a doctor, and at times was not listed as a resident of Wrentham but at other times was listed. Benjamin, Jr. was a church deacon who never married.


"1847 Deacon Benjamin Hawes, Jr. and Col. George Hawes died, and left the home farm to Benjamin Hawes 2nd (George’s son)."

"Generally houses of this design were built in New England between 1790 and 1830. This is the third or possibly the fourth home on this site."








A1 mark, 10.0” long, birch with flat chamfers and flutes. Flat backed finial, no relief.

Photo Courtesy Brown Tool Auctions










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