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Samuel Doggett Jr. Planes

Father and son planemakers Dedham, MA

S Doggett Sr. and S Doggett Jr. planes typically follow two separate trends of construction details. However, three transitional planes (two by the father and one by the son) have been identified as having been made at the time Samuel Jr.  finished his apprenticeship period, about the time of the Revolution. These three planes are approximately 10" long, have flat chamfers and chamfer stops that end with a step and a bold turnout. (See Doggett Sr. and Jr. New Information write-up.)

Samuel Doggett Jr.

Early Style / Apprenticeship

Flat chamfers with chamfer stops as a step and bold turnout (heavy gouge cut). The wedge follows the style of the "common" later design.

Early Style - Two / Post Apprenticeship (?)

Flat chamfers with chamfer stops as a simple turn-out. This is assumed to follow the bold turnout above.

10 1/4" length, birch. (MJD Auctions 1-2023)

Below; "common" later style planes with heavy round chamfers. Typically, 10" in length, birch.

10 1/4" long complex molder.

10" long tongue and groove pair.

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