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T Lamson

Thomas Lamson (1774-1853)

Housewright in Salem, MA based on deeds from 1798 to 1807

T Lamson


Likely Thomas Lamson, a housewright working in Salem, MA between 1798 and 1807.


Thomas was born to Paul and Abigail Lamson in Ipswich, MA on 10-10-1774.  His father Paul and brother Nathaniel were cabinetmakers. Thomas married Salome Lord in Ipswich on 12-14-1796 and soon after, they moved to Salem. He is listed as a housewright in deeds from 1798 to 1807. In another 1807 deed, Thomas's trade was recorded as a  lumber merchant. Thomas remained a lumber merchant in all subsequent deeds. He remarried in 1812 to Anna Goodale and later, they moved to Boston. Thomas died in Boston 7-3-1853 and was buried in Salem.

Period records from MA, VT, ME, NY and CT were searched but no other candidates were found. 3 T Lamson's were in the 1800 census and 5 T Lamson's were in the 1820 census.

Thomas's family information (below) was found in the book "Descendants of William Lamson, of Ipswich, Mass"

1798 deed excerpt (Thomas signed the deed as "Lamson").


One of two molding planes known per GAWP5. Beech, 9.25" 

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