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Foster, A

Possible candidates to date based on the plane having been found in Westminster, MA.

1st tier

Abner Foster (1770-1852) Phillipson, MA

Amos Foster 1804 deed Winchendon, MA

2nd tier

Allen Foster (1751-1835) Ipswich, MA

Asa Foster 1784 New Salem and 1804 Rowe deeds

Abraham Foster (b 1744 Charleston, MA)

Foster, A

Possible candidates - based on the one known plane being found in Westminster, Worcester Co., MA. The wedge and escapement treatments are consistent with it's having been made in central Massachusetts ca 1790 to 1800.

1st tier (Worcester Co. and working dates starting ca 1790-1800.)


Abner Foster

b1770 Bolton d 1852 Phillipson, carpenter

1799 deed Templeton, housewright

1802 deed Gerry, housewright, wife Judith

1832 deed Phillipson, housewright

Parents Elijah and Elizabeth


Amos Foster

1804 deed, of Winchendon, housewright, land in Ashburnham

no other information found


2nd tier


Allen Foster

d 1751 Ipswich d 1835 Ipswich

1779 deed, Ipswich, housewright

1795 deed, Ipswich, carpenter, wife Lucy

(too early?)


Asa Foster

1784 deed, New Salem, Hampshire / Franklin Co., housewright

1804 deed, Rowe, Franklin, housewright

(New Salem is close to Westminster, MA but Rowe is not)


Abraham Foster Jr.

b 1744 Charleston

Cabinetmaker, his father as well

1765 deed, Boston, cabinetmaker

(too early and a distance from Westminster)



Searched Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex, Bristol, Worcester, Hampshire, Franklin Co deeds

!800 MA census;  Aaron,  Abel; Abner,  Abraham (4), Allen, Amos (4), Asa (2)

1800 CT census; Abel, Amos, Asa

1800 NH census; Aaron, Abel, Andrew, Asa (2)

1800 ME census; Abel (2), Abner (2), Asa

A Foster toted tongue plane. Birch. 12 7/8". Flat chamfers end with a small step and turnout. Pegged tote with undercut heel, round topped wedge with flat chamfer relief. (As seen in the photograph, the tote is not a "fishtail" type design as is stated in GAWP5. Note: New England "fishtail design" open totes are limited to E Taft, R Thayer and J Perry as of 9-2023.)

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