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Wood, I

Better candidate to date:

Isaiah Wood

Lesser candidate to date:

Capt. John Wood


Wood, I

These two I+Wood planes along with a set of four late 18th C  bench and molding planes marked “JT” were found in a box of tools in the attic of a ca 1750 house on Brewster Rd, Jewett City, CT. One of the tools was a primitive hod that was thought to have been associated with the building of the house. The body chamfers on the larger round are rather crude and uneven. (I Wood is a very common name and the association of the planes to a specific period house is the only reason that any candidates can be considered.)

A third I Wood molder, a 10 1/8” long birch rabbet / hollow was found in RI. (Courtesy of Michael Humphrey.) The layout details fit with the other two planes while the wedge best fits with the wedge of the fruitwood rabbet / round. The body chamfers are on the eclectic side and vary from those found on the Jewett City molders.

Better Candidates

Isaiah Wood

Pomfret, CT 1732 – Windham, CT 1814, m Sarah Potter, 4 children 1763 to 1774 all born in Windham

Probate and Inventory included various hand tools, “turning lathe and tools” as well as “Sundry tools for Chais makers use”

Lesser Candidates

Capt. John Wood

b ca 1714 d in Danbury, CT 1775 (probably too early as well as rather far afield) His inventory included an extensive and detailed list of planes along with other woodworking tools. There’s no indication that this individual ever lived outside of the Danbury area, which is across the state from New London County. (Early Danbury records did not survive the RW.)

MA deeds checked; Norfolk, Sufflok, Bristol, Plymouth and Worcester Counties. Note that Wood families were well represented in Worcester and Plymouth Counties. Worcester County had two I Wood candidates from the mid and upper part of the County:

1763, 1767 John Woods, Marlborough, housewright (Does Woods represent a different family surname??)

1771, 1777, 1779 John Wood, Leominster, shop joiner and 1788 John Wood, Leominster, cabinetmaker (The I Wood planes are rather eclectic and on the crude side. Might these planes be the product of a shop jointer or cabinetmaker?? In addition the three planes exhibit a minimum of wear.)


CT and RI probate / wills checked

Newspapers in the NE region were also checked between the years 1770 and 1820.

Additional plane photos; 2 molders

Additional plane photo; 3rd molder.

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