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Jonathan Page working 1765-1773 Haverhill, MA,  housewright

Jonathan Page Jr. working 1774 - 1777, Atkinson, NH, carpenter and housewright

John Page, working 1766- 1770, Epping, NH, carpenter

110 J Pages in 1800 us census for the NE states, means that practically, the candidates ID's will not be determined.

J.. Page





Working Candidates

Jonathan Page Haverhill, MA

deeds 1773, 1777 housewright

Jonathan Page Jr., Atkinson, NH

deeds 1774, 1777 carpenter and housewright

John Page, Epping, NH, 

deeds 1766, 1770, 1771 carpenter

Birch dado plane, 9 7/16".

GAWP5 reports another birch dado with round top chamfers as well as an owners' mark on an I Sleeper molder.

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