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Toted pilaster plane found in PA. ca 1830 to 1840. Style reminiscent of Lancaster planemakers EW Carpenter, Bauden, Stamm, etc...

4 possible PA craftsmen dating from 1850 to 1870 in US census records.

A scale will be added to the imprint as it's available.

Photos and initial research on Peter from Mount Joy were provided by Dan Linski, Rhykenology Group on Facebook.

P Helman

P Helman

1st tier candidates from 1850-1870 census records;

Peter Helman, Quincy, Franklin Co., PA, wagonmaker (Carpenter 1850 and 1860), b ca 1821

Peter Helman, Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., PA, carpenter, b ca 1817

Peter Helman, Allegheny, Allegheny Co., PA, carpenter, b ca 1821

Paul Hellman, Lamar, Clinton Co., PA, capenter, b ca 1824

Peter from Mount Joy, was id'd as a carpenter in his will dated 1885.

Two other P Helmans were found in the US census records in this timeframe, one a farmer in IL and the second a laborer from VT. 

Other Lancaster and Franklin Co. records were searched, but the census records proved to be the most usefull.

The plane.

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