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L Thwing

Luther Thwing

1775 Uxbridge, MA - 1853 Westfield, NY

1814 and 1816 Uxbridge deeds, carpenter and housewright

L Thwing

Luther Thwing   


Son of Benjamin Thwing, farrier, Uxbridge, MA d 1813, m Hannah 1757 and m Mary in 1770. Sons Nathaniel, Benjamin and Luther, daughters Mary, Hannah and Sabrina


b 9-7-1778 Uxbridge MA, d 1-30-1853 Westfield, NY                        

m Olive Stockwell 11-25-1802, Sutton, MA     

children              Sullivan 1804               Olive 1809    

                           Maria 1806                  Luther 1811

d 1-30-1853 Westfield, NY                                                                                           



Court Judgements / Land Deeds

1814 Luther, late Uxbridge, MA, now Plainfield, CT, HW

1814 Luther, late Uxbridge, MA, carpenter

1815 Luther, Uxbridge, MA, HW

1816 Luther, Poughkeepsie, NY, Machine Maker

1817 Luther, Machine Maker, Pleasant Valley, NY, Machine Maker

1819 Luther, Poughkeepsie, NY, HW alias Merchant


1815 Pleasant Valley Manufacturing Co. mill burned in 1815. “The site was auctioned off to John De La Vergne and Luther Thwing for $13,100, who immediately rebuilt the mill, a 3 story building with 4,400 square feet at each level.”



US Census

1810 Lemuel Thwing Dedham, MA Blacksmith b 1784

1820 Luther Thwing, Geauga, Ohio, b ca 1790

1830 Luther Thwing, Westfield, NY, 50/59

1840 Luther Thwing, Westfield, NY, 60/70

1850 Luther Twing, Westfield, NY, 71

1815 deed, Luther Thwing, housewright

Sash coping plane, 8", birch

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