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D Noyes

1st Tier Candidates

Daniel Noyes (1780-1850), Newburyport, MA

1819 deed, joiner

1850 census, cabinet-maker

Daniel Noyes (1780-1836), Portland, ME

1810 deeds, housewright

2nd Tier Candidates

Daniel Noyes Jr. (1772-1829) Daniel Sr. died 1780 and left carpenter tools including bench planes

D Noyes

1st Tier

Daniel Noyes b ca 1780 in ME, working - 1819 - 1850 in Newburyport, MA.

                parents Isaac and Elizabeth Noyes.

In a single Newburyport deed from 1819, he's listed as a joiner. In the 1850 census, Daniel's a cabinet-maker, age of 70, born ca 1780 with parents Isaac and Elizabeth. He died 7-17-1850.


Daniel Noyes b ca 1780 in Pembroke, NH and d 1836 in Portland, ME.

In two deeds from 1810 Portland, he's listed as a housewright.

Daniel m Nancy Davis in 1808.

2nd Tier

Daniel Noyes Sr., (1716-1780) Abington, MA was a shop-joiner. In his 1780 will, he left his son Daniel Jr. a fine saw, one jointer, one fore plain, one smoothing plain and irons, as well as three augers. Daniel (1772-1829) also lived in Abington, MA, but his trade is  Abby Durant on 8-30-1796 in Bostnot known. Daniel Jr's uncle, Ebenezer, was also a carpenter in Abington.


In the 1800 census, there were 11 D Noyes in MA, NH and ME. The corresponding county deeds have been searched and the D Noyes of note have been reported. However, family histories and town histories include additional D Noyes that will need additional investigation (above and beyond the deeds and probate records).

The planes. GAWP5 reports two fore planes, a 10 7/8" round, a 10" round, a 9 1/2" reeding plane and a 9 3/8" applewood dado. The planes have heavy flat chamfers and are similar to those marked S Noyes.

Beech fore plane, slightly offset tote, single iron, 20".

  9 1/4" birch rabbet.

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