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Collins, R

Possible candidate to date:

Richard Collins, Dartmouth

2 1760 deeds, house carpenter

Multiple census individuals from CT and NH without trades known

Collins, R

Possible candidate

Richard Collins

Dartmouth 2 deeds from 1760, House Carpenter. Multiple generations from Freetown and Dartmouth with deeds from 1732 to at least 1815. Only the 2 deeds from 1760 mentioned a wood working trade.




Richard Collins

estate 1838 Randolph, VT: bench tools, bitstock, shave, 3 augers, adds, broad axe, farm equipment and goods


Richard Collins

Newburyport, d 1747, shipwright, too early



1790 census, Richard from NH, ME, MA (2) and CT

1790 census, Robert from CT (2) and PA

1790 census, Rufus from CT (2)

1800 census, Richard from MA (5), VT, ME, NH (3) and PA

1800 census, Robert from CT (2) and NH (2)

1800 census, Rufus from CT


Deeds searched from MA and NH.

Probate records from MA and one in VT. Probate records searched but not found for ME, CT, NH, PA.

Newspaper records searched

NEGHR records searched

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