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9 " long plow, birch, gentle rounded chamfers similar to R Marsh.

Reported in GAWP5, but no imprint.

Photos and information provided by James Fox, courtesy of Wooden Plow Planes group, Facebook.

T . Fairbank

T Fairbank was reported in GAWP5, with an example at Old Sturbridge Village and a birch complex molder with flat chamfers.

This plow is 9" long and the fence is 10". The thumbscrews are not original. The gentle round body chamfers are unusual and similar to those found on R Marsh planes. Note the decorative depth stop.

T Fairbank individuals were uncommon ca 1800 with most found in Massachusetts; three in Worcester Co., several in Hampden Co., one in Suffolk, Co. and one in Norfolk, Co. There were also two in NY and one in MD. Several were yeomen / farmers, one a physician, one a gent, but none are yet known to have been in a woodworking trade.


A later craftsman, Thaddeus, was idenified as a millwright and wagonmaker. He was b in Brimfield in 1796 and d in St. Johnsbury, VT in 1886. He moved to VT ca 1815. His father Joseph was identified as a mechanic / carpenter. Thaddeus seems late for the plow plane.

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