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W Chase

1st Tier

William Chase

ca 1777 -1850 Newburyport and Amesbury

1811, 1812 deeds, housewright in Newburyport

2nd Tier and various 1790 census individuals

W Chase


1st Tier Candidate

William Chase ca 1777 – 1850 Newburyport and Amesbury

Deeds 1811, 1812 Newburyport, MA, housewright, wife Sally

m Sally Patten 2-2-1802, no children known


“William Chase designed Bartlet Hall (1820-21)””William Chase was a Newburyport carpenter employed by William Bartlet to design and build the Andover Theological seminary dormitory bearing Bartlet’s name.””William Chase took on the occasional odd job for Squire Farrar.””His (Bartlet’s) carpenter-architect William Chase and master mason Simeon Marshall followed the massing of Foxcroft, but chose details more eighteenth-century in character than did the earlier dormitory.” Academy Hall: The Andover Campus


1822 will, Newburyport, housewright, wife Sally

1850 probate, William dec’d, of Amesbury, lately Newburyport, housewright, widow Sally, few details and no children mentioned


2nd tier

William Chase 1769-1847 East Machias, ME, son of Ephraim Chase, carpenter and joiner (Freetown, Sherburne and Machias)

m Lucy Smith and had 12 children (none with initials EHC)


William “ eldest son of Ephraim … built and occupied the house on the hill afterwards owned by Ephraim Seavey.” Narrative of the Town of Machias

“Ephraim built the first saw mill at Chases’ Mills at East Fall” Narrative of the Town of Machias


1800, June 12. Deed, James Brown of Machias and James Brown, Jr., late of Machias but now of Schoodic, to William Chase, 1/4 part of single sawmill at Gardner's Mill, Machias, they the heirs of Philbrook Brown, also 1/8 part of whole privilege mill dam. [Washington County Deeds, vol. 4, p. 380]


William Chase, Attleboro, 1811 inventory and probate, unfinished carriages and chases, various chizzells, saws, vise and bench,  jointer and 3 planes. William was born in 1787.



1790 census (17 individuals) included William, Warren, Woodman, Wells and Winthrop. Counties included Essex, Nantucket, Plymouth and Dukes in MA, Cheshire, Hillsborough, Strafford and Rockingham in NH, Cumberland in ME. Deeds for Cheshire, Hillsborough, Cumberland and Strafford were not available, although the web and regional histories were searched for possible leads. Wills and probates for MA, NH, VT and ME were


Planes marked W Chase on toe and EHC on heel. They are not made by the same hand, but are of a late 18thC manufacture in appearance
































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