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DT Gregg

Daniel T Gregg

1775-1860 New Boston, Hillsborough, NH

DT Gregg

Daniel T Gregg   1775 – 1860 New Boston, Hillsborough, NH (number of planes found in So. Weare per GAWP 5)

Son of James Gregg, m Esther Mellon 1806 in Francestown, NH, they had 8 children. So. Weare is just north of New Boston.


9-1-1819 sale ad by Daniel T Gregg, incl. Carpenter tools and Joiner’s Shop

3-17-1837 fire report, actually Daniel T Gregg per New Boston town history


2nd Tier (middle initial not known)

David Gregg 3rd 1800 – 1808 deeds, Windham, NH, housewright. David moved the family to Waterford, NY in 1822. The History of Windham states that David was ingenious .... a carpenter, wheelwright and millwright. David died in Waterford in 1841 (1844). (No initial on the tombstone or in any town records.)

David Gregg, 1784 date from Francistown, NH, history and 1791deed, Pembroke, NH, both wheelwright references

Birch jointer with maple tote, 5/16” flat chamfers, 22 5/8” long

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