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Dudley, P

1st Tier Candidate

Paul Dudley, 1771-1843, Acton

2nd Tier Candidate

Paul Dudley, 1758-1837, Douglas

Dudley, P

1st Tier

Paul Dudley b 3-7-1771 Acton – d 6-8-1843

                parents James Dudley and Mary Piper of Acton

m Abby Durant on 8-30-1796 in Boston. She d at Concord 1839

m Rebecca Nichols of Westford on 11-18-1840

children b at Acton

1797 James                                         Mary 1802                                           Josiah 1808 d 12-18-1872 (carpenter)

1799 Paul Jr. d 3-1882                     John 1805 d 11-1841                        Asa 1811


John Dudley of Marlborough, Concord, Weston, a cousin of Paul’s, was a housewright (History of the Dudley Family by Dean Dudley, 1886. He helped the author with the family order, with the author noting that one should be careful of Sudbury records as they were full of errors.)


will 3-1843 and inventory 8-1843 Paul Dudley, late of Concord, yeoman.

tenant saw, lot of boards and timber, adze, hatchet, shave, hammer, screws, timber, axe, adze, 2 augers, square, wheels and lumber, wheel and hubs, tire frame and planes. ½ pew at the Acton Meeting House. Sons James and John dec’d. Sons Paul Jr. and Josiah (carpenter).


Trumpet and Universalist Magazine 9-22-1832




1804 162-310 Acton, yeoman

1804 208-353, 354 Acton, HW, land in Westford

1808 178-242 Acton, HW

1811 208-355 Acton, yeoman

1811 215-109, Acton, yeoman, land in Westford, wife Abi

1816 Acton, yeoman

1817 219-218, 219 Acton, yeoman, land in South Acton



1810 Acton, 26/44

1820 Acton, 45+


Acton town records 1735-1829

4-4-1769 “at the same time an order to James Dudley for five shillings it Being for Repairing the window and for

                a lock and key for the Meeting House L 0:5)”

3-1797 hog reeve

12-31-1798 “to Paul Dudley for work at the Meeting House and School Hous 1/34”

12-1804 surveyor lumber

3-1807 fence viewer

4-1810 “An order to Paul Dudley for plank for the bridges 1/84”

3-1811 surveyor lumber

7-23-1811 “An order to Paul Dudley for a coffin for Thomas Wheeler in November last, no. 65, 3 00”

3-1812 fish warden

3-4-1816 “An order to Paul Dudley for services rendered N27 2 40”

11-1816 fish warden

11-1825 “Paul Dudley, No. 22 Stables”

3-1829 “10th to know if the town will layout and build a road to accommodate Paul Dudley and others …”


2nd Tier

Paul Dudley Douglas (included because of the housewright attribution found in the book on stenciling.)


Major Paul Dudley of Douglas. b 8-21-1758 – d 2-9-1837. His father was William… the town clerk for many years.

All of the children were born at Douglas from 1787 to 1796.


Dudley Hill House and “Dudley Inn”


“Paul Dudley’s hotel” in Douglas, next to the parsonage and church. (History of the Town of Dudley)

“Prior to 1814 David Dudley’s shop … forging axes.”


American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840, Ann Eckert Brown;

                Pg 34 “David Dudley house 1813, Douglas, MA”

                Pg 34” The house was built in 1813 by Paul Dudley, local housewright and publican, for his brother David.” (Maj. Paul Dudley’s brother David died in 1783 per ‘History of the Dudley Family’)

Pg 34“The Dudley family descendants of an early governor of Massachusetts, built or owned many of the fine Federal houses in Douglas Center and ran a tavern on the green from 1770-1899.”


All deeds 1780 through 1826, a husbandman, a yeoman or a gent., in 1797 wife Dorothy


RW pension with wife Dorothy mentioned, 1837.


Newspaper ads

In a newspaper ad he was id’d as an Innholder.

In 1810, 1815, 1818, 1821, 1822 ads were placed …”to be sold … at the home of Mr. Paul Dudley, innholder in said Douglas.


1835 ad Tavern and Store “the Paul Dudley stand” with a few acres for sale at Douglas Centre



Paul Dudley of Saybrook, CT, dec’d 1768, widow Sarah, inventory list includes Cooper Ax, jointer and iron, cooper adze and howel.

Paul Dudley of Guilford 1717-1778. Wife Abigail. Inventory includes hammer, large gouge, gimlets, compasses, drawshave, 3 large augers, large file, rasp, saw set, 2 chisels, coopers ads, hand saw, crosscut saw, 2 broad axes, 3 small axes, carpenter ads, grind stone, livestock and a barn.

No probates or wills found in VT, ME, NY or RI records.


Deeds for Worcester, Middlesex, Suffolk, Hampton, Hampshire reviewed; only Paul and Peter listings.




1790 in Sutton, Waterboro, MA also Freehold, NY Jr. and Sr.

1800 in Oxford, Kingston, Andover, MA, also Kennebec, ME and Freehold, NY

1810 in Sutton, MA, also Gilmantown, NH, also Peru, VT, also Curvo, ME

1820 in Sutton MA, also Peru, VT


1790 Douglas, Northfield, MA

1800 Douglas, Acton, MA, also Sunkhase, ME, also Cambridge, NY, also Fisherfield, NH

1810 Douglas, Acton, MA, also Sunkhaze, ME, also Wallingford, CT

1820 Douglas, Acton, MA, also Sunkhays, ME


History of the Dudley Family

Paul b 1757 m in Roxbury, d 1847 Millford, ME

Peter b 1758, saw and grist mill near his father Jonathan’s house, Sutton. d 1836

Paul b 1771, son of Medad, m in CT, moved to PA, d 1847

Peter b 1767, Gilmanton, NH, son of Stephen, d 1836

Paul b 1759, son of Thomas

Peter b 1777, d 1817, son of Moses in Pittson, ME

Peter b 1731 Framingham, m 1754, son of John, moved to NY state

Peter (Gen.) b 1773, Littleton, d 1847 Peru, VT

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