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12 3/4" toted panel, found in PA.

Mathias Leiby 1761 Lancaster, PA - 1828 West Penn, PA

  • Clockmaker in 1817 and 1826 deeds

  • RW Berk's Co. militia 1783


Photos from Dan Linski on Rhykenology Facebook group, and distlefink on eBay. 

M Leiby

M Leiby

Census, deed and regional histories were searched for candidates.

Only one individual was found; Mathias Leiby, aged 26/44 in the Penn, PA US census return from 1800.

Mathias was b in Lancaster, PA in 1761 and d in West Penn, PA in 1828. He was found in three deeds from 1817 and 1826 involving his son Jacob. In the 1826 deed his trade was recorded as a clockmaker and in one of the 1817 deeds, his son Jacob was recorded as a housewright.

Mathias married Elizabeth Moyer ca 1780 and the only child recorded was Jacob, b 1783. A possible daughter was included in the 1800 census, but no additional information is known. Mathias's parents were Friedrich and Susanna.


Mathias served in the Berk's Co. militia 6th battalion in Jacob Ladich's company. The company guarded Hessian prisoners at Reading in 1783. His RW pension was denied.

excerpt from 1826 deed

M : Leiby 12.75" long panel plane in apple / fruitwood

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