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Asa Man

Asa Man candidate

  • b 4-5-1755 Wrentham – d 1820 Franklin

  • carpenter tools and wood for tools in probate inventory

Asa Man

Asa Man candidate

b 4-5-1755 Wrentham – d 1820 Franklin, yeoman in probate documents, parents Elisha and Susannah Man


Only one deed was found from 1825 with Asa deceased. It involved sale of Asa’s inherited land, but his trade was not given. Note that other surrounding counties were checked and no other deeds were found.


1798 Franklin taxes record that Elisha Sr.’s heirs owned and occupied one property, his widow Susanna occupied another property owned by the heirs and that the brothers Billy and Elisha each owned and occupied their own properties. The inherited properties in Franklin, Wrentham, Bellingham and Cumberland remained intact until they were divided after Asa died in 1820. (Their sister Dorothy had died earlier.) In the Franklin US census records, Susanna was the head of household in 1800 (1M 26/44, 2F 16/25, 1F 45+) and Asa was the head of household in 1810 (1M 45+, 1F 16/25, 1F 45+). The ages and makeup of the two households appear to describe the same “family unit” in the two censuses. Considering these clues, plus the lack of named heirs in Asa’s 1820 probate, it would make sense that Asa and Susanna lived on the 56 A of land in Franklin which they had inherited (the only property which had buildings), and that neither had married. (Susanna’s 1824 deed of sale, for her 5/16th portion of the same sections of land, states that she was a singlewoman.) (Dorothy was likely following this same pattern, when she died in 1808.)


RW. Asa was a private in Capt. John Gay’s Massachusetts militia company, when he requested pay for travel on 11-29-1776.

Asa’s inventory included: turning tools, wood for tools, two augers, screw plate, hammer


Asa’s probate sale included: a hammer, one jointer, one rabbit, a number of other carpenter tools, two augers


 Inventory list

 Probate sale

1776 RW record

The family members listed in Asa’s probate records

Other period Asa Man’s


1800 census Essex, VT age 26 / 44, no other details


1798 to 1814 deeds, Barre, MA, yeoman, b 1766 - d 1810. Timber at Ervin’s grant, no tools in inventory aside from a hammer and an axe.


1815, Leicester, MA, housewright in two deeds, machine maker in two 1814 deeds, too late


b RI 1744 - to Richmond, NH - d 1784 in Smithfield, RI. Inventory with only household items, wool and a hog. Widow Elizabeth and 6 children. Will covered only real estate. Son of John Jr. and Susannah.


b 1742-9, Rutland, father Samuel and mother probably Elizabeth. Samuel, was a yeoman in deeds. No additional information on Asa


b 1772, Wrentham, father George, too late


b 1810, carpenter in Saratoga, father Samuel, too late

9 7/8” birch molder                           

late Ce. Chelor, below, with same shoulder and reverse chamfer stop details

12” birch panel

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