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See J, J, B Walton and J Gould Information / Document Entries 

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John Walton Jr        1710 - 1785      joiner / housewright

John Walton III        1744 - 1823      housewright

Benjamin Walton     1750 - 1824      housewright

Joseph Gould          1730 - 1810     joiner

John Walton Sr.

  • Probate Inventory

  • Revolutionary War document 1775

  • Period deeds

  • Joseph Gould account book

  • John Nutting, apprenticeship, deeds, F & I War records

Inventory / Probate Excerpts

John Walton Jr. 1785

Revolutionary War Records

John Walton Jr May 15, 1775

Walton Deeds

10-17-1741 John Walton Jr, Reading, Joyner

11-17-1743 John Walton Jr, Reading, Joyner

2-17-1754 John Walton Jr, Reading, Housewright

10-31-1780 John Walton, Reading, Gent to Benjamin Walton, Reading, Housewright

Joseph Gould Account Book Entries

John Walton Jr

John Nutting apprentice to John Walton Jr.

John Nutting, Cambridge, MA bp 1-21-1739, loyalist during War and left Massachusetts after the War.

John Nutting's story was presented in a 1910 article by Samuel Francis Batchelder in the Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society. The author presented John Nutting's F & I War records as well as his activities for the British during the Revolutionary War. The F & I War record is of particular note as he was listed as a private from Cambridge during an expedition to Crown Point in 1758 and since he was under age, his master, John Walton (Jr.) was named.


John Nutting also involved with John III. In a 1761 deed, John Nutting, housewright in Cambridge bought 1/2 acre of land in Cambridge. In 1770 he sold the property to John Walton (III) of Reading, housewright, who carried some of Nutting's existing mortgages.  In 1786, John Walton (III) of Cambridge was awarded a judgement against John Nutting who defaulted.

The article by Batchelder also recorded that John Nutting married Mary, John Walton Jr's. daughter ca 1760.

An excerpt from the article relating to the Waltons follows. 

(Editor, the author seems to confuse the identities of John Jr. and John III, especially during the Revolutionary War, but this does not overtly change the information flow concerning John Nutting.)

Excerpt from the F & I 1758 Roll with John Nutting and John Walton.

Excerpt from 1771 deed with John Nutting, housewright and John Walton, housewright.

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