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R Hosmer

NS Hosmer

Possibly made by Nathan Hosmer ca 1793, Concord, MA and imprinted by his sons Nathan Sumner Hosmer (1811-post 1880)  and Rufus Hosmer (1809-1860)

Images courtesy of Scott Flynn, Rhykenology Group of Facebook. Also of note, discussions between Scott and Dan Linski, Rhykenology Group of Facebook. 

  R Hosmer and NS Hosmer / Concord


A search, conducted for N and R Hosmer, craftsmen with close family connections, did not yield strong candidates. However, Nathan Hosmer (b 1773) and Reuben Hosmer (b 1771) of Concord were identified as a carpenter and a joiner respectively. But, they were distant cousins and Nathan didn't have an initial recorded.

Looking into their families (both earlier and later) yielded a possible answer. Nathan's sons Nathan Sumner (b 1811) and Rufus (b 1809) were both carpenters in Concord. While perhaps a stretch .... it is possible that the plane was made ca 1793 by Nathan Sr., then stamped by his two sons sometime later. This could also fit with the plane starting out in ca 1793 and then being modified in form and purpose by the next generation. The plane looks to have started out as a jointer with the swept tote offset to center in a typical position. The swept tote, heavy round chamfers, escapement's abutment cheek chamfers and round topped wedge all fit with an original manufacture date of ca 1790.

GAWP5 records a round and rabbet marked NS Hosmer (2 imprint versions) as well as an owner's mark on a L Little plane.

This plane.... a modified jointer nearly 21" in length.

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