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Leavitt, J

Many Candidates and unknowns:


Top Tier Candidates

2nd Tier Candidates

Other Candidates

Unknown 1790 Census Individuals

Leavitt, J

(Some are excellent candidates, some are viable candidates and a great many are unknown individuals. On the whole, it is doubtful that J Leavitt will be positively identified. In part, J Leavitt is included in this new information section to serve as an example of an imprint for which there are too many outstanding questions / candidates / individuals.)

Best Candidates


Jacob Leavitt Stratford, Fairfield, CT d 1759 (seems too early for the above plane), GAWP probable.

wife Cate (Katherine) and children Josiah (under 20) b 1753, Mary, Catie and Joanna. (son Josiah from Fairfield to Weston to Danube NY then near Charlton NY, no probate, wills located)


Inventory with extensive list of planes and associated joiner tools


Jacob Leavitt b ca 1741 d 1826 Hingham, MA, wheelwright in 1770s deeds, mechanics tools and shop, lumber and timber in inventory, shop in will from 1824. Father John.


Wife Leah Fearing m 12-1764, sons John, Elijah, Ezra, daughters Joanna, Lydia, Sarah and Leah, grandson Jacob mentioned in will.

1766 Benjamin                  1774 Leah                            1782 Joanna

1768 Elijah                           1776 Ezra                             1784 Lydia

1771 John                            1779 Seth                            1787 Sarah


Hingham records (Selectman records)

1773 stuff and work on Schoolhouse

1774 making coffin

1776 making carriages for cannon timber, pd 9-0-2

1778 painting carriages and wheels of the canon

1778 100 board nails

1783 for windows to Schoolhouse

1789 whiping post and stocks

1792 wood and nails for Almshouse


Josiah Leavitt, Dr. and organ builder, Boston, b 11-8-1744 d 1803, inventory 5 saws, vice, small tools, 1 lot plains, 2 glue pots, wood and organ furniture. 1 tall clock built for family.

wife Azubah Osgood m 1760

sons Simon, Benjamin, Thomas (dec’d) and daughter Mary

parents Hezekiah and Grace Hatch


1788, 1790, 1800, 1802 newspaper ads



2nd Tier Candidates


Joshua Leavitt Hingham, 1761 to 1766 deeds yeoman


Hingham records (Selectman records)

1776 supplying poor and repairing Schoolhouse pd 3-13-1 ¾

1778 mending the Schoolhouse

1783 timber for bridge


John Leavitt Suffolk 1796 probate, cooper


John Leavitt, Hingham, deeds yeoman, probate 1838 farming and mechanic tools $42.70, block maker and puruk trade


Joseph Leavitt, Bethel, Oxford Co., ME, std inventory with 3 augers, 1 jointer, 2 plains and 1 drawknife


Possible Candidates


Jonathan Leavitt, Rockinghan, Hampshire, NH, probate 1 chisel, 2 gimblets, 1 saw, 1 hammer


Jonathan Leavitt, Stratham, NH, probate hemlock boards, hewed timber, axes, handsaw, drawing knife, auger, shingles,


Joseph Leavitt, NH and ME, ship builder b 1767


Joshua Leavitt, Suffield, 1809 probate inv. saw, 2 augers, 1 axe, 1 side axe, b 1752, son of John Leavitt the joiner from Suffield 1724-1798


Joseph Leavitt, NH and ME, shipbuilder, b 1767


1790 Census Leavitt’s listed for completeness


John, Hingham, Suffolk, MA, yeoman

Jacob, Hingham Suffolk, MA, yeoman

Jotham, Boston, MA

Josiah, Watertown, Middlesex, MA

Josiah, Boston, MA

Jarez, Hingham, Suffolk, MA

Joseph, Hingham, Suffolk, MA

John, Pembroke, Plymouth, MA, laborer and yeoman

Jonathan, Heath, Hampshire, MA


John 2nd, Suffield, Hartford, CT

Joshua, Suffield, Hartford, CT

John, Suffield, Hartford, CT

Josiah, Weston, Fairfield, CT


Jere, York, York, ME

John, Kittery, York, ME

Josh, Buxton, York, ME

Jacob, Turner, Cumberland, ME

Jacob, Bakerstown Plantation, Cumberland, ME

Joseph, Turner, Cumberland, ME


James, Hampton, Rockingham, NH

Joseph Jr., Northfield, Rockingham, NH

James, Exeter, Rockingham, NH

Jonathan Jr., Northfield, Rockingham, NH

Jonathan, Stratham, Rockingham, NH

Josiah, Exeter, Rockingham, NH

Jonathan, Northfield, Rockingham, NH

Joseph, Sanborntown, Strafford, NH

Jeremiah, Chester, Rockingham, NH

Jona, Chichester, Rockingham, NH

John, Exeter, Rockingham, NH

John, Newhampton, Strafford, NH

Joshua, Deerfield, Rockingham, NH

Jeremiah, Exeter, Rockingham, NH

Jonathan, Seabrook, Rockingham, NH

Joseph, Stratham, Rockingham, NH

Jona, Gilmantown, Strafford, NH

Joseph, Wakefield, Strafford, NH

Jerim, Effingham, Strafford, NH

Josiah, Wolfborough, Strafford, NH

John, Effingham, Strafford, NH


State Probate Searches

(Lovitt/Lovett’s searched but not included here.)



Joseph, 1814 Oxford



Joseph, 1841, Washington






Josiah, 1804, Boston, organ maker, lot of plains

Jacob, 1826, Hingham, died age 85, wife Leah, mechanic tools, shop, lumber

Javins, 1821, Hingham, yeoman, part of a Gristmill, std inv., animals

John C, 1824, Hingham, ropemaker

John, 1771-1838, Hingham, yeoman, farming and mechanic tools priced at $42.70, wife Sally Cushing

Joseph, 1803, Rochester, mariner

Joshua, 1825, Hingham, yeoman, son Jerom, std inv., different Leavitt family

John, 1796, Hingham, Cooper, sons Jacob and John



Joshua Leavitt, Suffield, 1809 probate inv. saw, 2 augers, 1 axe, 1 side axe, b 1752, son of John Leavitt the joiner from Suffield 1724-1798

John, 1755-1815, Suffield to Ohio, farmer and merchant

Josiah, 1832, Woodbury, few details

Joseph, 1758, Hartford Co., no details





Jeremiah, 1818, Rockingham, Exeter, hatter

John, 1779/8, Rockingham, North Hampton, Esq., only land

Joseph, 1844, Rockingham, North Hampton, no details, no tools

James, 1828, Rockingham, Hampton, only will, no sons

Jonathan, 1805, Rockingham, Strathum, will, yeoman

John, 1764, Exeter, yeoman, will, son John

John, 1820, Rockingham, North Hampton, limited inv., guardian for son John

Jonathan, 1783, Rockingham, Hampton, gent., tanner, business and tools, son Jonathan

Jonathan, 1843, Rockingham, Hampton, inv., grist mill, 1 chisel, 2 gimblets, 1 saw, 1 hammer

Joseph, 1833, Stratford, will, husbandman, son John

James, 1804, Rockingham, Exeter, gent., son John

Joseph, 1783, Rockingham, Deerfield, yeoman, will, land, sons Jonathan, Joseph and Joshua

James, 1761, Hampton, husbandman, son James, saw mill, cider mill

Jonathan, 1805, Stratham, yeoman, hemlock boards, hewed timber, axes, handsaw, drawing knife, auger, shingles, cyder mill, grandson Jonathan

John, 1805, Rockingham, Exeter, yeoman, limited will, son Josiah

James, 1839, Rockingham, Hampton, will with little information

John, 1803, North Hampton, little information

James, 1767, Exeter, gent., will, grandson James, son James with saw mill privileges

John, 1834, Meredith, Strafford Co., husbandman, sons John, Jeremiah and Joseph

Joseph, 1803, Hampton, innholder

Capt. John, 1767, Hampton, innholder


JA Leavitt

J Leavitt’s were investigated with the noting of any direct relatives who might be candidates for JA Leavitt.

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