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J, J and B Walton Information / Document Asslemblage

  • Inventory / Probate Excerpts

  • Revolutionary War Documents

  • Joseph Gould Account Book Excerpts

  • Period Deeds  

John Walton Jr        1710 - 1785      joiner / housewright

John Walton III        1744 - 1823      housewright

Benjamin Walton     1750 - 1824      housewright

Joseph Gould          1730 - 1810      joiner

John Walton III

  • Probate / Inventory

  • Period Deeds

  • Partnership building Harvard Halls 

Inventory / Probate Excerpts

Signatory for John Walton Jr. 1785

John Walton III 1824 probate / inventory

Revolutionary War Records

John Walton III    Lt., April 1776


John Walton III    Capt., September 1780

John Walton III deeds

Deeds are recorded between John Walton and other Cambridge housewrights / carpenters; Nutting (1772 and 1786), Kidder (1773), Prentice (1795), Moore (1797). Nutting was a brother-in-law to John III and an apprentice to John Walton Jr.. Moore (Moors) was a business partner and deed partner with John III. Kidder and Prentice might also have trade / family ties as well, but at this time, no additional details are known. (In the deed records, care has been taken to keep the identities of John III and John Jr. separate. )


1771 deed where John Walton (III) Reading, housewright, buys land in Cambridge from John Nutting, Cambridge, housewright. This is an important deed as it marks the movement of John (III) from Reading to Cambridge. In addition, in a F & I War roll from 1758, Nutting is listed as an underage soldier with John Walton Jr. as his master.

Interesting deed from 1772 where John III and Jotham, housewrights from Cambridge sell land in Cambridge to John Walton Jr., gentleman in Reading. Note that John the III lived and worked in Cambridge for the rest of his life and that their father John Jr. remained in Reading the rest of his life.

1773 deed between Kidder and John Walton.

1795 deed between David Prentice, housewright and John Walton III and Josiah Moore, gentlemen.

Deed from 1797 where John III and Josiah Moors (Moore) carpenters bought a house and land in Cambridge. John and Josiah were partners in contracts with Harvard University from ca 1800 through 1814.

John Walton III and Josiah Moore, housewrights, in Cambridge.

Harvard University bids, receipts and contracts 1800 to 1814.

(Harvard Archives)

Ca 1800 request for measurements.

June 1806 estimate by Walton and Moore for major work on roof and adding a story to one of Harvard's Halls. Front and reverse. 

December 1806 Walton and Moore estimates.

1813 Signed contract awarded to Walton and Moore. Note that on behalf of the University, Loammi Baldwin, a Signer of the Declaration, oversaw the project.

1813 ammended estimate.

Detailed 1814 quote for finishing the University Hall and Chappel.

June 1814 contract for University Hall - John Walton and others. (Josiah Moore had died earlier in the year.)

University pay receipts 1813 and 1814.

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