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Newton, C

One Possible Candidate

  • Christopher Newton, Groton, CT, 1701-1791

  • 11 other C Newton's in the 1790 census

  • Similarties to A and O Spicer

Newon, C

possibly Christopher Newton

Cristopher Newton,  Groton, b 1704 - d  1791, will 1786.

Wife Martha, sons in will: Mark, Abel, Christopher, Agrippa, Jacob and Elijah dec’d. He left ½ of his carpenter tools to Agrippa. A Groton 1767 deed (Christopher 100A to his son Agrippa) was witnessed by Abel Spicer.

Cristopher Sr. was the first of 8 born to Samuel and Ruth (Spicer), having married in 1702. Samuel had a sawmill.

Christopher Sr.’s inventory included saws, adds, augers and chisels, in addition to ½ of the carpenter tools mentioned in the will.


No details known regarding Christopher Jr. b. 1743. One source states that Jr. moved his family to Newport, NH in 1779, while another source has Jr. dying in Groton in 1811. (No will or probate found for Christopher Jr.) In a Newport entry for 1791, Christopher Jr. was on a committee to erect a meeting house.


C Newton planes are very similar to those of Abel Spicer style-wise, but using the molding plane wedge style of Oliver with the straight cut-out under the finial.


C Newton 1790 census

Charles 5 in MA, VT, PA, NH, NY, Calvin 1 in MA, Cotton 1 in MA, Caleb 1 in NY, Christopher 2 in CT, 1 in NH


Other: Charles b 1795 Tunbridge, VT, carpenter

Wedge comparison; C Newton left and A Spicer right.

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