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Armitage, B

Benjamin Armitage (1698-1781)

  • Active in Philadelphia 1760-1772

  • Plane making ads 1772 through 1777

  • Apprenticed to Samuel Caruthers

Armitage, B


Benjamin Armitage is presented in GAWP5 with the dates (1698-1781) as an active plane maker in Philadelphia between the years 1760 and 1772.


Based on the 1772 ad with the mention of an apprenticeship to Samuel Caruthers, this individual may not be the craftsman behind the planes, rather another generation?? (The above Benjamin's son was a blacksmith ... what about his grandson Benjamin or the below (1784) Caleb's son Benjamin?)


Below, an 10-21-1772 ad for plane making from the Pennsylvania Gazette with mention of his apprenticeship to Samuel Caruthers

10-21-1772 ad from the Pennsylvania Gazette




























6-24-1777 plane making ad from the Pennsylvania Evening Post

4-7-1784 Pennsylvania Gazette property sale including a joyner's shop

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