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Swept Totes
(Worcester Co., MA)

Jonathan Tower (1758-1846)

  • Rutland, MA, cabinetmaker and toolmaker

U Clap

  • Believed to be Uriah Clap of Rutland and Gardner, MA (1769-1852), cabinetmaker

Daniel Hubbard (1778-1866)

  • Rutland, Royalston, MA housewright and carpenter

Rufus Bacon Sr. (1758-1820)

  • Spencer, Charlton and Sutton, MA, house joiner and mechanic

H Healy

  • Harmon (1772-1802) Paxton, Leister, Beverly, MA, joiner

  • Hezekiah (1766-1817) Dudley, MA, cabinetmaker and mechanic

B Child

  • possibly Benjamin, Woodstock, CT

B Child

Swept Totes

(also see articles and references; R Bacon EAP new information, R Bacon Chronicle 2014 revised, U Clap CAWP 14 pg 5 1995 and U Clap / J Tower SOJ 4-2 2002)

Jno Tower 3 15/16" high tote

U Clap 4 1/8" high tote. The tote in the photo has slight differences from the tote in the drawing.... the interior cut-out is slightly more rounded (less angular). 

D Hubbard 4 1/8" high tote, "it does taper somewhat", courtesy Mike Humphrey, 2002.

R Bacon 22 3/4" by 2 3/4", 3 15/16" high tote

H Healy 4 1/8" high tote

H Healy. The jointer chamfers end with a step and small turn out followed by a separate gouge cut below. The molding planes have a similar feature.

B Child 3 13/16" high tote

Healy, Child, Bacon (front to back)

Worcester Co., MA

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