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Henry Wetherel Information / Document Asslemblage

  • 1772, 1780 Norton and Chatham Deeds

  • 1776 Town support if Continental Congress votes for a Declaration of Independence

  • 1797 Probate Inventory 

Henry Wetherel


Norton, MA to Chatham, CT

Henry Wetherel Jr.

(H Wetherel / In Norton and H Wetherel / Chatham)


1772 Deed, Henry Wetherel Junr, Shop Joyner















May 1776 Town voted to support the United Colonies with "their lives and fortunes" if the Continental Congress votes for Independence. Henry Wetherel Jr. on Norton's committee.

1779 Deed, Henry Wetherel the second, purchases land in Chatham, CT

1780 Deed, Henry Wetherel (grandson of John Wetherel), shop joiner in Chatham, CT


























1797 Probate Inventory for Henry Wetherel Junr.


















































































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