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Marsh, R

1st Tier

Rueben Marsh

 b ? Holliston, MA - d 1842 Lee, NY, housewright

2nd Tier

Robert Marsh

1769-1834 Haverhill, MA, joiner - 1796 -

Roswell Marsh

1761-1843 New Hartford, CT. RW private.

Possibly built his home ca 1815. His father Job was a housewright.

R Marsh


1st Tier

Reuben Marsh

Two 1785 deeds, Reuben Marsh of Holliston, housewright, buys and sells 100A of land in Holliston along with Elisha Marsh, a cooper. In the deed shown, Alexander is their father.




Holliston, MA, RW soldier serving  June 1775. Then summarized from rolls dated 1777 to 1780:

6-1775 pvt  from Holliston, in Capt Lealand’s Co., Doolittle’s Reg.

10-1775 at Winter Hill in Capt Jacob Miller’s Co., Col. Eph. Doolittle’s Reg

10-1777 to 1779 Sgt. From Holliston, in Capt. Wm Treadwell’s Co., Col. John Crane’s Artillery Reg.

1-1780 to 4-1780 Sgt. In Treadwell’s Co., no residence given


From his 1832 pension application:

1776 Gun Stocking

1777 Battle of Brandywine …attending the compliments of Lord How

1777 / 1778 winter quarters at Valley Forge



parents: Alexander and Hannah Parmetter, with a total of 9 children. Reuben was the youngest, b 5-30-1753 in Braintree.

Very few details have been found relating to Reuben’s immediate family. It is reported that one of Reuben’s children, Betsy (wife of Calvin Sparrowk), settled near Black River, NY in Jefferson Co. Betsy was from Hopkinton, MA when she married in 1808. However, no verification for Betsy living in NY has been made, rather census records give Sherborn as Calvin’s family’s home from 1810 through 1840.

Reuben’s family was listed in the 1820 and 1830 census for Lee, Oneida County, NY. The History of Oneida County mentioned Reuben as an early settler and a Revolutionary War veteran.


In the 1840 census from Lee, NY, he was staying with James Jr., son of a fellow RW veteran, James Eames Sr. James Sr. had been married to Jerusha, the daughter of Reuben’s sister Jerusha (Marsh) Newton. Reuben gave a testimony in James’ 1832 pension application stating “We have been his neighbor in this place for 30 years …” Reuben’s signature is from his own 1832 RW pension application.


Reuben d  3-25-1842 in Lee, Oneida Co., NY with the inscription; “Sergeant in Rev. War, age 88 yrs 9 mos 25 dys”. It was recorded in his probate papers that Reuben left no widow or living children when he died. This fits with his will from 1838, where he left his estate to four of James Eames Sr’s daughters and his sister Jerusha Newton, should she survive him.


2nd Tier

Robert Marsh

1769-1834 Haverhill, MA

Parents Cutting and Ruth

m Polly Currier of Amesbury in 1795 and then Elizabeth Greenough of Atkinson in 1798. He and Elizabeth had Moses, Elizabeth, Robert and Mary. Robert Jr. became a master builder in Boston.

In one Haverhill deed from 1796, Robert was listed as a joiner. In remaining deeds, his trade was given as a yeoman, including deeds from Rockingham Co., NH dating between 1799 and 1812. In his 1833 will and 1834 estate inventory he’s listed as a yeoman.

Robert was "killed while assisting to raise the frame of the meeting house about to be erected for the use of the Independent Congregational Society, near the spot where he was born …"





His 1834 inventory included “a lot of Joiner’s Tools” valued at $7.



Roswell Marsh

1761-1843 New Hartford, CT. RW private.

Marsh / Tuttle Farmstead “This site is located on the south side of West Hill Road at the western border of New Hartford, adjacent to the Torrington town line.” … “In 1820 Eaton acquired 60 acres to the north of his property, and sold 60 acres “with a house and barn” to Isaiah Tuttle.” … “Krimmel infers that this was the south side acreage and that Roswell Marsh had built the house and barn on the property prior to the transaction of 1820.”  “The house is a c. 1815 2 ½-story gable-roofed post and beam structure, 24’ x 32’…” ” The barn (ca. 1820) is significant as an intact example of square rule post and beam framing, associated with a Federal-style farmstead house ...” 851 West Hill Road, New Hartford CT Record No. 31730, Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office (Please note that Roswell was not explicitly id’d as the builder, whereas the wording concerning his father Job (two separate references) seems to be more definitive in that regard.)


Referencing the following house in New Hartford: “This place was originally owned by… Roswell Marsh … the house having been originally built by Job Marsh, the father of Roswell.” (New Hartford)


Roswell’s father Job build this house in New Hartford, ca. 1753:


Roswell’s 1843 Inventory is extensive. Some basic hand tools are included; handsaw, augers, adze, drawing knives, but no planes. There is $6 worth of “lumber in the shop” as well as “logs and lumber wood and timber at the door”… also worth $6. The personal estate, RE excluded, was sizable at $13,242. Not a strong candidate, but a possibility.


Others / Honorable Mention


Richard Marsh


1810 Census NYC, 3rd ward, 26/44

Evans: Richard Marsh chairmaker working Staten Isl. ca 1800, NYC 1805-1812


1806 and 1807 ads for Fancy and Windsor Chairs, NY, NY. An ad from 1811 added “old chairs repaired” on John Street.


Richard appears to be a bit too late, but more importantly, NYC doesn’t really fit the style of the two planes.



Rufus Marsh

Ervings Grant, Franklin Co., MA. 1817 deed, HW. “A native of Rome, NY was a carpenter most of his life. He’s too late for the planes as he was born ca. 1791. His inventory included grooving plow, match planes and bench planes.  

Notes: (There’s another Rufus in Hampshire Co. that was a RW soldier.)(The 1800 census lists a Rufus from Worthington, Hampshire Co. who would have been born between 1774 and 1756.) No additional information was found on Rufus.

Reuben Marsh

Chesterfield, NH. Master builder referenced 1833 for the building the new jail in Chesterfield. The project was superintended by Eliphalet Briggs of Keene. (E Briggs, IV, 1788-1853.) Too late for the planes. The History of Chesterfield records that he manufactured sash, doors and blinds.

1800 census

Richard    Northfield, NY                                45+

Reuben    Lee, Berkshire Co., MA                  26/44          miller

Roger Jr.  Litchfield, CT                                  26/44

Roswell    Hudson, Columbia, NY                  26/44

Ralph       New Rochelle, Westchester, NY    45+

Rufus       Worthington, Hampshire, MA         26/44

Read        New Milford, Litchfield, CT             16/25

Roger       Litchfield, CT                                  45+


Russell     Williamstown, Orange, VT              1777-1853   farmer


10 “ birch (Another R Marsh molder was found along with an I Nicholson and an I Iones plane.) (Body chamfers aside, a late Ce. Chelor rabbet is shown as a stylistic reference.)

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