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I Flanders

John Flanders (top tier candidate)

  • (1776-1840) Newburyport cabinetmaker

  • 1802, 1804, 1807, 1812 deeds, listed as a cabinetmaker

  • His father Nehemiah, bought land from John Sleeper's father in 1781

  • 2nd tier candidates are too early

  • Imprint is I Flanders not J Flanders

I Flanders


1st Tier

John Flanders

Newburyport, Cabinetmaker b 10-9-1776 d 4-6-1840

Parents Nehemiah (cordwainer) and Sally, verified John’s 1776 birth record as recorded in the original town records. John, cabinetmaker, is the admin. in his father Nehemiah’s probate in 1824. Belknap’s Artist and Craftsmen of Essex, erroneously has 1787 as John’s birth date.

1802, 1804, 1807 and 1812 deeds, Newburyport cabinetmaker. Wife Betsey in the 1807 deed.

In a 1781 deed, John’s father Nehemiah bought land from Henry Sleeper, cabinetmaker (John Sleeper’s father)

Admin in John’s 1840 probate is Esther, his 3rd wife, his will was dated 1830 His 1840 probate only provides totals for estate, RE, etc.

5 chidren with his first wife Mary and 7 children with his 2nd wife Elizabeth.

GAWP5 mentions that another molder (9-5/8” long) was found the Little family homestead in Newbury, MA.


2nd Tier

Jarvis Flanders, Salisbury, shipwright in 1761 and 1773, which seems too early

Jedediah Flanders, Salisbury, housewright in 1754 deed, too early (1705-1776)

John Flanders, Boscawen, NH. Housewright b 1724 – will 1791, too early


J Bayley

1st Tier

Joseph Bayley, Sandown, Hollis and Londonderry, NH, joiner, deeds 1782, 1783, 1788, 1795, 1798. wife Abigail

b 1747 Bradford, MA - d 1833 Nottingham, NH


2nd Tier


John Bayley, Rowley, chairmaker deed 1797

James Bayley, Amesbury, shipwright deeds 1793, 1797, 1798


Note: Only Essex County, MA and Rockingham County, NH deed records were searched


10 3/8” beech round with 3 5/16 “ body height. Wm Ash & Co. iron

Note the double struck mark is I.Flanders (not a J as reported in GAWP5) 15/16" long

The J.Bayley mark is 1 1/32" long noting the GAWP5 example is approximately ¾” long




























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