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Snow, D

1st Tier Daniel Snow, 1758-1836, housewright and carpenter, Providence, RI

  • RW soldier including Joseph Fuller's Co. in 1779

  • Father and son were HW's/carpenters and nephews were toolmakers under Joseph Fuller

Snow, D

8 5/8” birch dado with tight round chamfers

1st Tier Candidate


Daniel Snow 1758 – 1836 Providence, RI, carpenter/housewright


father James (housewright) 1730 – 1812, Providence

1786 deed, HW, Providence land to Daniel from his father


m Hannah in 1783, son Joseph b. 1790 also a carpenter in Providence

children Betsey, Amey, Joseph, John, Sally, John, Daniel b from 1784 to 1799


RW pvt. expeditions from Providence dating 1776 to 1778 in Col. Mathewson’s Reg. In 1779 he was in Joseph Fuller’s Co.


Daniel was the younger brother to James b. 1756 noting that James (1756) was father to James Snow III b 1787 and George Snow b. 1797. James III and George were toolmakers who worked as journeymen for Joseph Fuller.

 Daniel's listing on a 1778 Co. muster roll, Capt. James Snow and Ens. Joseph Fuller in Col. John Mathewson’s Reg.

Excerpt from Daniel's pension application, noting his 1779 service in Joseph Fuller's Co.

2nd tier

Daniel Snow 1779 Ashford, CT – 1841 Cavendish, VT

parents Samuel and Molly

Inv included 1 handsaw $1, 2 fine saws $1, lot of Cooper’s and Joiners Tools $3, grindstone 50c, shoemaker’s bench tools and lasts 25c, broad axe $1

The CT / VT Daniel was listed in the 2nd tier due to his cooper and joiner tools only being worth $3, the same as his three saws. The Daniel from Providence was listed in 1st tier because he’s ID’d as a housewright from a family of housewrights / carpenters … there’s also the family connections to Joseph Fuller, toolmaker.



  • 1800 census David (4) and Daniel (4): 4 in MA, 2 in RI, 1 in VT and NY

  • MA (Worcester, Barnstable, Plymouth) and NH (Rockingham) deeds checked

  • MA, CT, VT, NH, ME, NY and RI probates / wills checked

  • The majority of the Snow genealogy was gleaned from The William Snow Family by Edwin H. Snow, 1908.

10” birch rabbet with flat chamfers

6 3/8” birch thread box with ¼” heavy round chamfers

9.5" long molder courtesy of Steve Frazier. This

plane has earlier looking features than the dado, 

including flat chamfers. The wedge mirrors the

one shown in GAWP5.

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