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Cobb, L

possibly Lemuel Cobb (1743 -1810-)

  • Plymouth, MA

  • deed 1764 and 1767, housewright in Plymouth

several second tier candidates

L . Cobb

Molder 10 7/8” long, beech with maple wedge

chamfer stops irregular; front side both long tapers, reverse side has one with step and short taper the other a step and a narrow taper

Lemuel Cobb

b 8-14-1743, m 2-14 Hannah Kempton, Plymouth, MA

1764 and two 1767 deeds, housewright, Plymouth

1779 deed, yeoman, wife Hannah, Plymouth

1790 Census, Plymouth

1810 Census, Plymouth, 45+


2nd Tier (all seem to be rather late with respect to the plane details with estimated starting dates of ca 1790 to 1795)


Lemuel Cobb b 1774, Plimton, MA

He and his brother Nathan were housewrights in deeds from 1800 and 1801


Lewis Cobb b 1769 - d 1837, Hopkinton, MA

1820, 1823 deeds, housewright, 1816 deed, yeoman. Probate list 1837 has a lot of carpenter tools valued at $4.00


Luther Cobb b 1772 - d 1821, Mansfield, MA

1819 deed, cabinetmaker


Unknown Trade


Levi Cobb, 1767-1842, Middleborough, MA

Lewis Cobb, 1766-1842, Middleborough, MA




























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