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B Lyman Jointer Plane



(Illustration presented at 98% of actual size in SOJ)


1. Imprint:                     B LYMAN (three times on the toe

                                         in a diamond shape and once on

                                         the heel) 

2. Length:                      31 7/8”.

3. Width:                       3”.

4. Height:                      2 3/4”.

5. Woods:                      Birch body, tote and wedge.

6. Chamfers:                 3/16” tight round chamfers on the top and flat

                                        chamfers on the ends.

7. Chamfer stops:         Simply turn out.

8. Tote details:               Square mortise. Offset to the right.          

9. Wedge:                      No chamfers. Linen fold at the

                                         bottom. Round top.

10. Mouth details:         Linen fold detail at the front.  

11. Iron:                         W Butcher iron with an applied

                                         steel edge.

12. Other:                      Round wood strike knob 1” in


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