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E Taft Planes

Enos Taft (1756-1843)

Mendon, MA 

deeds: 1785 carpenter, 1786 joiner and 1794-1810 housewright

Only one stamp, one molder wedge design, flat chamfers and one chamfer stop design were used. Per GAWP 5, less than ten planes are known. Similar molder wedge designs are found with late Ce Chelor, S Partridge, Charles + Dupee (small mark) and G Hawes. See The Chronicle E Taft article, vol. 73-3, Sept. 2021 (available through EAIA). A limited write-up on E Taft is found in the New Information section.

10" birch molder.

10" birch molder.

Original surfaces remain intact on the plow, including lighter areas of contact (behind the wedge) left by the craftsman.

Photos of toted molder (below) provided by Dick Rosenblatt.

Jointer, unmarked. Found with two additional jointers, one of which was marked E Taft / In Mendon.

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