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H Wetherel Jointer Plane

H Wetherel with the Chatham location stamp is the mark used by Henry Sr. after his move from Norton in 1779.

(See the E Clark jointer plane entry for a comparison of the totes.)

H Wetherel / Chatham jointer

24 7/8" long by 2 7/8" wide

3 7/16" high tote

5/16" wide flat chamfers end with a simple turnout

Flat straight chamfers on wedge abutment cheeks are tapered, front to back (not parallel)

Birch wedge, maple body and tote

The H Wetherel / In Norton imprint was used prior to his 1779 move to Chatham, CT. This panel plane and a crown molder have similar wedges and wedge abutment cheek chamfers as the Chatham plane above. However, they also have body chamfers which end with tipped steps that turn over, followed by connected flutes. It is not known if Henry Sr. used these same chamfer stop details on the jointer and bench planes from the same period.

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