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Jn Tower Planes

Jonathan Tower (ca 1758-1846)

Rutland, MA, tool maker.

Jn Tower planes can be rather eclectic and variable; lengths, chamfer stop details, wedge finials as well as finish details. Some of these details, such as found on the plows, can be quite decorative.

A imprint. Intact zz ends, first state.

Birch hollow, 9 9/16" length.

Birch fixed groove,  9 1/2" length.

Birch quarter round,  9 1/2" length, with unusual chamfer stop details on the front (escapement) side.

Birch plow,  9 13/16" length. Decorative details include; rounded arm ends, inset square headed rivets fastening the arms to the fence, gouge cuts to the thumb screws, cove cut detail on the lower fence ends... similar to the decorative chamfer end detail shown on the shoulder end on the preceeding molder.

Birch smoother, 7 9/16" length, flat chamfers with simple turn out details on chamfer ends. Chamfers to bench wedges include a separate lower flute as seen on this smoother as well as the crown and panel planes.

Birch crown, 12" length.

A1 imprint. Shortened imprint with zz ends filed smooth, second state.

Birch panel plane, A1 mark, 13 1/2" length. Flat chamfers with "standard" simple turn out chamfer ends. Offset pegged tote.

Beech dado,  A1 mark, 9 1/8" length. Later example with round chamfers on the top of the body. Relieved wedge finials.

Jn Tower's decorative swept tote, as observed with other Worcester Co. craftsmen; U Clap, R Bacon, D Hubbard and H Healy. B Child is another craftsman with this style, probably located just over the CT border in Woodstock.

30.5" birch jointer.

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