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S White

Silas White Sr. (b 1745) and Silas White Jr. (b 1773) planemakers in CT. Did the son make the late planes? What about the transitional planes? Additional late and transitional examples are needed.

Question 1

  • Are late and transitional S White planes the product of Samuel White Jr., or are they the later product of Samuel White Sr.? (See the new information on S White.)

               Early                        Late                                         Early (back)           Late (front)

Early Characteristics

  • Wide flat body chamfers 1/2", mostly on sides

  • 10 1/4" and 10" body lengths

  • Cut out under wedge finial less curvature

  • All but one have the shoulder's chamfered on the ends (the one exception, 10" long, has a molded shoulder)

Transitional Characteristics (one narrower example found with three later planes, a second wider example was found alone)

  • 10" length of body

  • narrow steeper body chamfers

  • the narrower example has a wedge that matches the earlier planes. The wider example does not have a wedge.

  • no Roman numerals 

  • the wider example has a shoulder which extends to ends without relief chamfers (not shown)

Late Characteristics (5 documented)

  • Shorter length of body 9 11/16" and 9 5/8"

  • Narrower and steeper body chamfers range between 3/16" and 5/16" wide. They end with a simple cut out after a step on the ends. 

  • Roman numerals on body and wedge reverse

  • More curve to cutout under final

  • Shoulder extends to ends without relief chamfers

Answer 1

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