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Elisha Dean

Probable candidate:

Elisha Dean (Sr.), Taunton and Easton, MA, 1737-1822

6 deeds 1761-1773, joyner and housewright

4 deeds 1812 (2), 1816, 1818, cabinetmaker

RW service in 1776 and 1778

1820 will, trade of a cabinetmaker, he left 1/3 shop tools to his grandson Alonzo.

(Sr.) used here to idenitify Elisha b 1737 to keep him separate from his son Elisha Jr. b 1765. In the deeds, he was not referred to as Sr., but his son was consistently id'd as Jr.

Elisha Dean

Probable candidate

Elisha Dean (Sr.)

1737-1822 Taunton and Easton

m Molly Wood(ward) in Taunton, 1763

children: Elisha Jr. 1765-1831, Silvia 1768-1794, Polly ... -1806.

m Mary Durfee in 1787

1761 (2), 1767, 1769, 1773 joyner

1767 housewright

1778, 1780, yeoman

1812 (2), 1816, 1818 cabinetmaker

(The years between 1780 and 1812, Elisha (Sr.) did not have any deeds.)

RW service 1776 and 1778 in Capt. John Dagget's and Capt. Josiah Kieth's Co's.

In his 1820 will, Elisha (Sr.) was id'd as a cabinetmaker who left 1/3 of his tools to his grandson Alonzo.


His son, Elisha Jr., was a yeoman in deeds 1787- 1796 and a gent in deeds 1799, 1803, 1809, 1811, 1812 (3). In no deeds was he identified as a woodworker. Wives, when mentioned in the deeds, helped confirm identities of Elisha (Sr.) and Elisha Jr. Elisha Jr. died in NY in 1831 while away from his family.


Family histories summarized in Walter Dean and Family and Nicholas White Family.

Note: The 1800 US census listed only Elisha Dean (Sr.) and Elisha Dean Jr.

1761 deed; Elisha Dean of Tauntion, joyner

1812 deed, Elisha Dean of Easton, Cabinetmaker. Also Elisha Dean Jr. gent.

RW record for Elisha Dean of Easton. Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War

1820 will for Elisha Dean, cabinetmaker in Easton.

Elisha Dean Planes (the two mentioned in GAWP5)

10" birch skew rabbet. Earlier features include wedge profile and flutes. Similar details to planes made by Henry Wetherel Sr.

9 7/8" birch plow, courtesy of Mike Humphrey. Lacks flutes so probably somewhat later. Some question on the wedge.

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